By Dana422 - 18/05/2010 05:22 - United States

Today, I finally worked up the courage to talk to this hot guy in my law school contracts class. His response? "I'm no fashion expert, but I don't think you're supposed to wear purple underwear with white pants. Not that it matters, though, because your zipper is wide open." FML
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YDI for, well, wearing purple underwear with white pants and not checking your zipper. And why does everyone on here need to 'finally work up courage' before talking to someone? I'm rather shy myself I don't need all my courage just to talk.

djaeb2001 3



djaeb2001 3


well atleast he was looking there... :D

Kimberly_Isabel 7

Purple undies. Now thats sexy.

Kimberly_Isabel 7

Purple Undies. Now that's sexy.

ruby84 1

stop repeating yourself, we get it; you want attention

But u exactly showed what u want. Not so bad however. XD

only white goes under white pants or shirt... even I know that and I have no sense of style

authorkid 2

8 ikr that's what i was thinking

#29 nah white also shows. Better use a colour that matches your skin colour.

white pants = cameltoe

is it past labor day or is that memorial day?

matt1337c 0

Haha, your fly is down. Happens to the best of us. You don't DI.

that's so embarrassing :(

Memorial Day, and no it isn't, that's in two weeks. But Easter is acceptable. You don't wear white after Labor Day because it's a light springy/summery color not a dark fall/wintry color.

thanks for clearing that up

I like those US standards. Dutch labor day is may 1st and Dutch memorial day is may 4th, wich would mean that around here you can wear white all year long except for may 2nd and 3rd :D but actually, we just look at the weather when deciding what clothes to wear.

oh thankyou #49 I always wondered what that American phrase ment. makes sense. but yeah op, white is fail.

Hes gonna make a good lawyer.

KiddNYC1O 20

is he queer? that's hott

Radi0Waves 0

FYL for being a 1L... worst year of my life.

haha, then you should of kicked him in the nuts. solves girls everyday problems

nothing wrong with wearing colourful undergarments with White clothes!! let's just hope that your purple undies were cute;£

I hate to break it to you OP. Your crush is gay.

i agree with #68, when all else fails a good kick in the nutz can make any situation worth laughing bout.....SHROOMS!!!!!!!!!

stoic 1 how is he gay? I swear to baby Jesus that anyone would notice purple underwear hangin outta white pants, unless your a pervert who would just sit and stare I'm preetty sure any NORMAL person wouldve said something bout it to her

well of course imnotawhore69 would notice he sucks cock for a living. and secretly is a pervert. >.>

@ohhaiitsme you will learn the answer to that question when you are older.

Actually, white shows under white. Wear nude-colored things underneath.

YDI for being a whore

amd3lky 0

#12 how old are you

bookbee 2

29, you are a moron. Only flesh toned underwear goes under white, whatever tone your flesh happens to be. You knob.

white pants are hot

omg 8! that was my exact wording right before I clicked on it!!! haha ikr! :D

I believe 8 just repeated on accident. People need to stop being so hostile, your life isn't gonna end because someone messes up on fml and if it does then obviously you had no life to begin with. sry to rant but some people need to grow up

you must not be that hot because if any chick was hitting on me and was remotely good looking AND I can see her underware it'd be on like Donkey Kong, in like Flynt. (you guys are prob too young to get that)

atticuz 2

ydi for trying too little or too hard

i like this guy at least he was honest keep going after him OP

well that's a nice way to say xyz

arkumx 3

Ydi. now you will remember to zip up after the restroom

ruby84 1

maybe she didn't use the restroom, just wore it and walked out without zipping it . just saying

sounds like a fag lol. how would he know.., and so what I'll still check the girl out

well um...... it's a girl.

^and girls don't unzip their pants?

ruby84 1

lol so what did u say?

Ducati4623 0

why have you replied to everything?

maybe he wanted to reply to everything.

kissMyAsss_fml 0

I'm not a genius, but wouldn't you typically take the username ruby as a girl? Haha, just thought it was strange that you said he. Kay, bye

you're an embarassment to society

kissMyAsss_fml 0

Are you talking to me? It was a joke honey, get over yourself:D

YDI for, well, wearing purple underwear with white pants and not checking your zipper. And why does everyone on here need to 'finally work up courage' before talking to someone? I'm rather shy myself I don't need all my courage just to talk.

ruby84 1

cuz all the people on this site are loners; including you and I.

Oh right. I forgot I was on the internet.

but but but... but oh nvm

yeah, my life blows, that's why I'm here. it makes me feel a tiny bit better that someone else life sucks more that mine :)

I agree with brilliant bunny. Smart and purty. *sigh*

kissMyAsss_fml 0

Maybe she's more shy than you smartass. Op, this is why a smart man invented the thong. Or you can cowboy it. Either way works.

Or just wear white underwear...

Purple? A Vikings fan? :o

He sounds like a dick. A homosexual one

ruby84 1

umm noo, he sounds like a guy who's an ass. what? men can't notice unzipped pants unless they're gay, these days?

Hater-dar just went nuts *bee-beep-bee-beep*

haha thats funny. YDI

what a douche. be nice about it and let the girl feel good in what she's wearin

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Your hair is beautiful. :D JustSayinn' xD

brandiisawesome 6

Wow, you deserve it.

I laughed solely because you are such a retard :')