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Today, I ran into my ex-girlfriend from 5 years back. Still bitter, I said, "Hey baby, you remember riding me 5 years ago?" I was then punched in the face and restrained until the police arrived. She'd been having an 8 year anniversary dinner with her husband. FML
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You deserved it for being a total wanker!!! Did you not see that she was with her husband?!

She deserves it for cheating on her husband!


You deserved it for being a total wanker!!! Did you not see that she was with her husband?!

She deserves it for cheating on her husband!

Well if he did know he said that as a joke if he didn't know then she cheated :o

Agreed, but even if she hadn't been cheating on her husband, op still would have deserved a punch in the head for speaking to her like that. It's totally inappropriate 5 years later.

I thumbed you up just for using the word wanker. Being American, that word cracks me up

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Guys reread the fml and do the math. She rode him 5 years ago, but she was having her 8 year anniversary. So she cheated on her husband with this guy. The husband does deserve to know.

#1, it's entirely possible that OP didn't even know she was married. He'd obviously been her bit on the side, at some point. OP may have acted like a douche on this occasion, but the ex-girlfriend is definitely the villain of this tale.

Also I'm curious why did op deserve to get restrained and arrested? He made a simple comment, was assaulted, and held against his will? Is the comment not free speach in anyway?

We don't know if she HAD told her husband and they worked through it. A lot goes down in 5 years. OP had no right to be that disrespectful, cheating or not.

Why was op being restrained? After he got hit in the face?

As someone who's been cheated on I find it very hard to give the girl any sympathy at all.

I agree, #45. We don't even know for sure that she cheated. It's possible for people to have separations and reconciliations. There are also open marriages. Cheating certainly seems the most probable *but* it's not guaranteed that's what we happened. What we know for sure is that OP made himself look an utter fool in front of a woman he dated a long time ago. Everyone gets over relationships at their own paces but to be harassing an ex you're bitter about after this long is pathetic. OP, I don't know why the police came for you if you were assaulted but maybe take some time to evaluate your life while you're sorting out your legal troubles.

Sure he's a dick, but this is the husband that she cheated on 5 years ago...

jillybee101 7

For all we know, they could have been separated five years ago and got back together. Probably not, but don't be so quick to jump on worst case scenario. ;)

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Did someone not read her having an 8 year anniversary and cheated 5 years ago on whoever she married? Did anyone not noticed that? I may be reading it wrong, but I highly doubt it.

100% -35 even if its been 5 years, the woman here is a cheating *****. Op doesnt deserve That punch

knightgirl95 3

Can you not see that she cheated on her husband? Idiot.

syley 5

MDTeddy) 12 of the comments above you are about her cheating, you read the FML fine not the comments.

I mean, op was a douche, but I don't see that what he did means he deserves to be assaulted, restrained, and then arrested.

Along with being an asshole Op is also the man she cheated on her 8 year husband with. She probably regrets the mistake she made and obviously fixed the relationship with her husband. Way to bring the memory in her life again, and way to not move on and be a dick 5 years later. This can't be given a "ydi", this is a "gtfo" situation.

Unless of course the husband never knew, the you both can share the assholery(totally a word).

So she had a husband when she was dating you? How could you have dated her 5 years ago when it's her 8 year anniversary with her husband.. ? Cheating?

iOceanus 18

People are really quick to point fingers and call names...

Yes. But if they were going out for 5 years and she was on an 8 year anniversary...she is a cheater...!!!!

He didn't knowingly help her cheat. And if she was keeping it from her husband then she deserves to have him bring it up. It isn't fair to keep that from your husband. He gets to decide whether to keep her or not. Not the cheater.

OP doesn't deserve it. She does for cheating. Haha. She's an idiot for cheating.

tjv3 10

MOVE ON man that is sad that you are still bitter after 5 years

How the hell did this comment get voted up? This girl dated him 5 years ago and he might a small quip about it. The result of this was getting punched in the face and restrained until the police arrived. The fact that he got punched AND the police came for him is a joke. If the genders were reversed you can bet your ass that the guy that punched the girl would be getting arrested immediately. Yeah, it was bad cos she was with her husband, but how was he supposed to know that they'd been married 8 years?

While OP set themselves up to get smacked. The wife is a cheating whoore and her husband deserves to know... Douchebags are usually attracted to each other and they both seem to fit the bill. PS: #38 I god damn love custard... Best food EVER created. That is all.

mmorgan9218 5

probably didn't deserve the punch takin into account she cheated on her husband.. but dude, it's been 5 years. you're still bitter? really?

#8 I totally agree... I don't understand why he got so many ydi's she did cheat on her husband and 3 years intothe marriage seems wayyy to soon to do shit like that!

hiandrews69 29

Vekzzza, obviously he was an ass for saying what he said, but she's still a bitch for cheating on her husband. Think about it... They broke up five years ago, but she's been married for eight? I'm surprised her shit didn't hit the fan sooner.

dantee2005 33

It sounds to me like he had no idea she was married, since she had been married to him before OP and her had dated. So it isn't entirely his fault, since he likely didn't have a clue she had an affair with him

Well, you got punched for being a dick.

Free speech does not give you the right to be rude or a twat -which he was- to other people. Yet, he can sue the husband for assault I guess.

amanda_smith54 4

Not really, if she was his ex 5 years ago but married 8 years ago she must've cheated on him. That or the fml is it wasn't really his ex.

Classlfied 4

These people are both a mess. I wouldn't be surprised if an fml came out saying today I punched my brother at my 8 year anniversary.

Psych101 9

I'm confused... How does this FML have over twice as many YDIs as FYLs, but this comment still get thumbs down?

I'm definitely not siding with the girl here because she cheated and cheating is wrong... But you do realize that OP is not a reliable narrarator? Naturally he's going to want to show himself in the best light possible, and it's entirely possible that that comment wasn't the only thing he did. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that this justifies him getting hit, just that if he got arrested, he probably did something that he can be arrested for.

coolboy675 16

184 - He wasn't arrested, he was restrained. Plus seeing that this is in America, the police have the legal power to detain someone for three days without a warrant, so it does not necessarily mean he had done something to warrant an detainment, rather the police suspected him of doing so.

allforyoux3 25

219, for one, the police don't always need a warrant to arrest someone in the US. Two, it is a prisoner's right to see a judge within 48 hours of his arrest, or he will be released because it's considered unconstitutional. And three, police can't arrest someone because they suspect them of having done something wrong. They have to have probable cause and proof of wrongdoing.

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Psych101 9

3- You'll learn a lot about something called "cheating" if you read enough FMLs.

Sorry, I tried editing it, but I was too late. I realized later that she maybe cheated

Try have some kind of logic maybe? It's not rocket science.

KiddNYC1O 20

3- After I read your comment, I read your about me section. Gold. Lol.

fucking_dev 2

right? Haha like ..... you still have a husband after that?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hey now 29 he admitted his mistake. Yes it was pretty dumb on his part but he doesn't need 3 people telling him about it, especially after he said realized he made a mistake.

slimshadey 5

This could've been written a while ago

Nanael_fml 4

I don't know why you're getting negatives I totally agree with you. That awkward moment when they realize they're one of the idiots lmao

47 - so if it was written a year ago it would have been an ex of 6 years and an anniversary of 9... You have to move BOTH dates not just one...

#36! PURE, SOLID GOLD! Now where is the capital comma?

#48 just because I made one mistake doesn't make me an idiot. I wrote the comment and was about to edit it, but I was too late. I am sure this have happened to many people in here. I admitted my mistake and moved on.

The woman was a cheating ***** and deserves comments like that. Cheating on husband after at most 3 years being married. Op deserves a medal for calling her out on it to her husband who should be in jail for battery

slimshadey 5

57-if it was written a year ago then NOW it would've been 6 and 9 years. FML's are moderated and not all of them could be from this year.

Actually, we accept or reject each day's stories on the day that they're submitted.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I wish there was a way to thumb up Sirin. ^ that's about as close as a thumbs up as I can get. Haha.

103 - thanks for saying the same thing that I said in response to you? I still don't get the point you're trying to make though

So let me get this straight...the girl is a cheating ***** who loves riding dicks and Op never knew she was married as a certain **** didn't mention it because she wanted some dick or Op was hot and she wanted him even though she was married. This kinda makes an anniversary not seem as special as it should be. It is things like these you have to tell the person you married whether you want to or not. I wouldn't want to be with someone who cheated and I never knew. In fact, I would end the relationship or in this case get a divorce only because There shouldn't be a reason to cheat.

KiddNYC1O 20

76- What are you rambling about?

Here4theshow 17

From reading this FML it's pretty clear OP is an asshole. Therefore, I'm almost glad she cheated on him or in this case used him as the side man!

It's called "cheating on you husband".

rureallyserious 2

Thats the point... He probably did not know that she was married when he was dating her...

itsgen 16

So wouldnt this be an fml for her , for getting caught ??

Really? REALLY? She was a cheating slutbag, obviously!

imkool136 22

She was cheating on both of them. In which case I say go him because I would want to know if my wife of 8 yrs was cheating on me.

He was "the other man" but he probably didn't know

She was cheating on her husband with OP, hence the punch.

jaylaufers 13
CharresBarkrey 15

No, he was intentionally being a dick to her, not knowing she was married and her husband was there.

Of course his remark was intentional, he did say "still bitter" But calling the girl out on her cheating wasn't intentional. He didn't know (I'm assuming) that a married woman was riding him 5 years ago.

1215116a 14

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flutter4 7

She also sounds like a bitch for cheating on her husband with him

5- Your profile picture goes along FLAWLESSLY with this

145 - please stop leaving comments like this

1215116a 14

114 I agree with that, unless he knew he was dating a married woman, but yeah she probably cheated on him. But geez, it's been five years, he should just ignore her.

I posted this FML comment on my BlackBerry and it said "anti-flood protection". I proceeded to make a new comment. Derpy moment. That man will never forget. Must've been the greatest lay in his life. /sarcasm

FYL for being cheated on but also YDI for saying something like that in the first place. 5 years dude time to let go.

I think she was cheating on her husband with OP.

shellydawn78 0

Oops teach you to just expect she ever wanted to see your face again!

Wait, that means this girl cheated on her husband and OP with the other

Oh well, an eye for an eye. You revealed her cheating nature, so you got punched in the face. Seems fair enough

aleahlioness 15

Looks like you both ****** up...

11: Yeah but the ****-ups are not of equal magnitude. The OP made a loser comment like a dink, but the ex-gf cheated on her husband of three years; that kind of betrayal is contemptible.

aleahlioness 15