By CosmicJoke - United States
Today, I found my car had been robbed. The thieves stole my GPS, my iPod and my digital camera. While I was filing the police report, the officer recommended I take photos for insurance purposes. Then she remembered my camera had been stolen. She actually started laughing. FML
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  someone2love  |  0

No, don't take pictures, find every serial # and turn it in to the police. I just had a very expensive camera recovered by having the number for it. I was robbed blind very recently.

  GmanG  |  0

YDI... My dad doesn't even leave this radio head thingie in the car...

  leaper66  |  12

That's what I was thinking too, I mean it really sucks that your valuable got stolen. On the other hand one day you'll probably think back and laugh at the situation. Not immediately of course.

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

I guess you didn't learn from the FML about the woman whose iPod got stolen from her car.
It blows that everything got stolen, but you should usually make sure that the stuff is well hidden or at least on your person.

I'm sure the police officer was just laughing at herself for saying something so ridiculous after you told her you had your camera stolen. It's just irony.

  time4coffee  |  3

You lock the doors when you leave and keep the the GPS out of site and anything else you have to leave in the car. Don't leave anything someone will want where they can see it.

  boatkicker  |  4

Exactly. I dont know a single person who brings thier GPS inside.You don't use your GPS in the house, why should it ever be there?
"Hmmm.... I should probably bring this in, incase I can't find the kitchen in the middle of the night."

  ygdrassil  |  17

You wouldn't bring it inside to use it there. You'd bring it inside to prevent it being stolen. Like in the FML. But I just put mine in the glove compartment.