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By  zainman13  |  26

That sucks, it's like going to your boss to ask for a raise/promotion and you end up being fired/sacked. Hope you get through prom and get on with your life

By  Jatok  |  17

I'm going to assume from 'prom' that you're in high school. In which case, get over it. Sounds like it wasn't much of a relationship to start with, which is common in high school.

By  Xeebar  |  28

As much as it really sucks that your girl broke up with you, now you can enjoy your prom without being obligated to dance with one person. A date doesn't define your epic prom night. You do. Have as much fun as you can and hang with friends if they go too. Good luck and have fun, friend.

By  SenpaiSamaKun  |  6

Hello! The moment I read this FML, I felt the need to make an account to comment because this recently happened to me as well. I didn't think that anyone else would relate but unfortunately you do :(. I understand that it's really rough right now as I felt the same way last week. I asked my girlfriend (now ex) using a little arts and craft project I made where when you opened it, it spells PROM? and it had some pretty pictures of us together. There was quite a bit of effort put into it as we have been dating for 5months, almost 6. But sadly she felt that I was just too caring of a person and that she couldn't do the same for one to where she decided it would be best to break up. It really sucks as we bought prom tickets together that day. Anyways, aside from my unfortunate break up, just know that everything is okay. My friends invited me to their prom group as they don't have dates either and we have some really exciting plans, such as going to Six Flags the day after! Just remember that you don't need her if she feels that was an optimal time to break up and that you'll find someone better! For now, I would say to enjoy prom with your friends :)

By  Cyberpope  |  3

Perhaps you could assume she was your date? Asking makes you seem insecure about your relationship. Or you could have come at it onliquely, "So? Limo or no limo for prom?"