By Alana - 01/01/2011 05:27 - Australia

Today, I went to a New Year's party with my boyfriend. Later into the night, he got drunk, and left me there to go to another party with his friends. I have no car, and no way to get home. FML
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perdix 29

I'm sure there are lots of other drunk guys who would be happy to ring in the new year with you.


perdix 29

I'm sure there are lots of other drunk guys who would be happy to ring in the new year with you.

suuuuurrrrraaaaa 0

YDI for dating a douche bag. Dump him if you haven't already.

saraitkddh 47

being drunk showed his other side!

noto_fml 0

if only there was a body part that could get you from point A to point B. ... it's on the tip of my tongue.... your boyfriends an idiot btw, who leaves their girl for a party?? I would have taken you home first.

I'm quite certain you wouldn't expect her to walk home, considering Victoria is over 237,000 square kilometers in area. So I'm assuming the body parts you have in mind are her ****.

missawesome16 0

are u ******* serious it's pretty obvious that's Wat hhe meant

tvrdf 0

you would have taken her home first? great solution because you would have been DRUNK.

I am so pleased that you know that land mass of Victoria, Doc. Very impressive.

mintcar 9

I don't care how drunk you are, that's no excuse to leave your girlfriend at a party. FYL.

ruby84 1

YDI for not depending on yourself & expecting others to be there- best way to never be disappointed is to never expect much from others. be responsible for yourself

That's why you have two legs: so you can walk home. (: happy new years

lolol_BKYCHO 3

Man, I don't know how many times I'll have to say this but YDI for dating a douchebag. It's unlikely that he's never done anything like that before or that "it's only when he's drunk".

agreed ^^^^^ I don't know what girls see in jerks

I'm sure if someone get's drunk enough, they'll find a place to sleep with you.

jazziness 12

so instead of figuring out a way to get home you took the time to go on this app just so people can feel sorry for you?