By theRoomie - United States
Today, my loser roommate got wasted. He comes to me before going to bed, tells me he loves me, tries to hug me, then explosively vomits all over my face, my hair, my clothes. Then spends the rest of the night retching. FML
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  jchansfan  |  0

You see there's a thing called a dictionary, saves time and makes you look less stupid. That or you coulod do a search. Though maybe we expect too much. i mean you aren't even sharp enough to know what retch means sooo....

I'm sorry, I'm being really mean to you for some reason... =(

  renaet  |  0

I find it ironic that you used the wrong "too."
And "I find the irony" is also incorrect. It should be "I find it ironic." I used it above just to help you out...

By  GR3453m0nk3y  |  4

people of FML!!!

please do me a favor and go to this site

idc what you do there

just go to it

it doesnt matter if you just open it, let it load, and then close it

By  ezycaa  |  0

so you're saying, bosshaug, that its a rare occasion for people to be sick?
plus, the moderators could have just accepted this, this event coulda happened long before the other one!