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Today, at a big family dinner, my dad said, "Pfff, gays don't have it hard at all. The things a guy has to do for sex with a girl? Crazy. All a gay guy has to do for sex is become an altar boy!" My husband's side of the family is very religious, and all hell quickly broke loose. FML
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I made an account just for this. That was, literally, the funniest thing i have read on this site.

That sounds like a guy I'd like to be friends with. lol


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Yes, just stop inviting your father to family get togethers. That really shows your appreciation toward you own dad. And when your kids grow up, maybe they won't invite you to occasions either.

Must not have a daddy to invite to get-togethers.

97, I definitely don't agree with you, but the pure blunt nature of your comment made me laugh.

I think they would invite #1 to family gatherings simply on virtue of being a not-shitty parent. Shitty parents don't deserve to be invited to family gatherings. Simple as that.

LittleMissShadow 16

Are you sure he wasn't intending for this to happen?

assassinbanana0 20

Even more reason to not bring him around next time

#5 OP should not stop inviting her father to family get togethers because of this. If OP needs to she can talk to her dad about it later but not inviting her father to events is so not the way to go.

Scorpio1691 29

If i had to guess. dad did this so he would be uninvited in future. Make it so he would not be missed.

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I'm Catholic and I found it amusing. To many people are overly sensitive now. I agree it may have been in bad taste, but I'm curious what all hell breaking lose looks like in this situation.

It's a shame that homosexuality is sometimes associated with pedophiles. Being gay doesn't mean you want to molest children.

Catholic here. I thought he was making fun of gay priests, of which there are lots, not pedophiles. I also found it funny but I like a good off color joke every now and then.

kewpiesuicide 29

I think a lot of people are actually skipping the fact that this is a really disrespectful joke about gays, not just about religion. I am in no way easily offended but there is truth in jest and gays are fighting for their rights all over the world right now. Jokes like this that make them all look like promiscuous pedophiles don't help our cause.

#3 I can't believe you're being downvoted. Those comments were incredibly disrespectful of gays and women nevermind the fact it was putting down catholicism and comparing gay people and child molesters.

#3 not really fair that priest = pedophile message either.

That sounds like a guy I'd like to be friends with. lol

1dvs_bstd 41

It's hilarious and kinda true.. kinda very true. The things guys do and go through to get laid even in a bar.. is nothing compared to just going to a gay bar.

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Well at least your dad was right.

You should never bring up homosexuality to extremely religious people, they dont react well. Sorry you didn't warn your dad.

I think they were more upset about the pedophilia aspect.

I don't think it's the homosexuality that's insulting but the suggestion that priests are pedophiles. If OP's boyfriend's family is Catholic then I can understand why they'd be insulted.

Sounds like a bunch of butt pirates to me

Shadowblast423 3

I think it is a term for gays. I heard it used as ass pirates from my Agricultural teacher.

I made an account just for this. That was, literally, the funniest thing i have read on this site.

assassinbanana0 20

I'm sorry, OP! I hope your husband's side of the family has no ill will feelings for your dad's ignorant comment

What part of "all hell broke loose" makes you think that they wouldn't take it badly?

assassinbanana0 20

Not what I said, I said I hope they don't hold her accountable for what her dad says. I hope they aren't going to be upset at her.

assassinbanana0 20

I reread what I said and realized that I could have worded that better. My apologies.

While this is bad and I feel sad for you OP. I can't help cracking up at that image