By Anonymous - 15/09/2018 06:00

Today, while getting dressed, I discovered that when my brother and his friends got drunk last night one of them wanked into a pair of my panties and put them back in my wardrobe. The crusty mess pressed right into my groin. I had to clean dry spunk out of my pubic hair. FML
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Let's hope it wasn't your brother's ****.

nubs 22

That thought added a whole new level of ewwwwww to this ...

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It’s totally not the pubic hair’s fault. And also, humans have pubic hair for a reason. We didn’t just grow hair there just for fun.

What's the reason for you not getting a terrible joke

ThatGuy9679 13

why don't you take a seat over there?

all those people who can't take a joke <.<

I have an STi too, except mine is all wheel drive and has 305hp 😂

Since op said that it was “crusty” I don’t think that she can get pregnant off of dry semen, but I still would suggest going to get tested for STI.

Nikki K 10

this has all sorts of "amateur ****" written on it .

You’ll find out. And you’ll grow to hate it

Geez I didn’t know everyone was gonna take this seriously

theres a lot of soft skinned libtards on here that let jokes fly right over their heads 😂

Did you enjoy bathing in bleach after that experience?

blightsight 10

Too bad you can't create your own spunk, girly

PenguinPal3017 19

Calm down, it's just a prank, bro!

I don’t think there has ever been a better time for someone to get a bikini wax