By f*cks_sake - United States
  Today, while tanning on a family cruise, I woke up to a crowd of people staring at me in disgust. Apparently, I'd fallen asleep, developed a boner, and started french-kissing the air. I had to sit through both the surveillance tapes and a grand bollocking from security in the aftermath. FML
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  TheBeeszNeesz  |  0

why would a guy be tanning??


shut up maybe she's on a diet, maybe works out a lot, maybe after you said that she's gonna go run 6 miles ALL because you said that! how does that make you feel why don't you put a picture let the world find a flaw about you!

  deaper  |  15

Maybe cause he wants a tan? I'm a guy and I don't mind having a nice tan! Also didn't he say he was on a cruise ship? Tanning is definitely something a lot of people do on cruises! And besides all that, why would a girl give a crap whether or not a guy would wanna be tanning?

By  Skatejock21  |  0

okay, a) tanning isn't always healthy - and - b) don't fall asleep on a cruise ship when random people are around you, tanning or no tanning. Sorry, but YDI. Think about it.

  Skatejock21  |  0

The average person only needs 6-8 hours. Ages 12+. If you need to take a nap after 8 hours, you aren't needing more sleep, you need better sleep if you feel the need to fall asleep during the day. There are also other reasons, but aren't really relevant right now.

  ArmyGTO  |  0

Really...? Your going to get all deep and stuff about the dude taking a nap. Your a fing retard. He was on a cruise ship, taking a nap. Maybe he didn't get a full nights sleep. Or one of a million reasons. I also can't control when I fall asleep. Your the fucking idiot ass.


tanning is healthy ! even though indoor is healthier doing it outside is just as healthy ... as long as you know your limits. it actually helps prevent major skin cancers and other vital cancers ... smd*

  a_nutritionist  |  10

you may not be able to control when you fall asleep, but you sure as hell can control when you dont. how can you say you are unable to stop yourself from falling asleep when youre tired? thats absolutely ridiculous. if it were true, anyone who pulled an all nighter would not have the ability to stop themselves sleeping after they became tired, which youll find is not how the world works.

and i agree, tanning is a waste of time. you should be actively participating in outdoor activities. if you cant do that then spend some time outside to promote vitamin d synthesis and melanin growth and go back inside, sitting in the sun for hours is a waste of time and unhealthy.


I'd rather have to use a random item to catch that shizz then bleed for three months out of every year, be blessed with the wonderful feeling of childbirth, or be the one freaking out when the condom could have broken. Also, we may be "self contained", but we still have to wipe it up. So either way, you're making a trip to the restroom.