By an adorable devil - 21/03/2016 06:52 - United States - Houston

Today, my new bunny decided she is only going to eat carrots. If I put anything else in her food bowl, she viciously attacks the bowl until all of the food has spilled out. FML
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I'm not sure what else you expected when you got a bunny. They like carrots. That's a fact.

Better stock up on carrots then OP. What bunny wants, bunny gets!


I'm not sure what else you expected when you got a bunny. They like carrots. That's a fact.

My bunny actually won't touch carrots. He buries them so he doesn't have to eat them. He prefers apples and broccoli, the weirdo.

Bunnies actually don't eat carrots in the wild

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Mine LOVED broccoli and apples, and the occasional bit of any type of melon in the summer.

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Call me a moron if I'm wrong, but I thought bunnies needed more variety than three kinds of vegetables.

Mine didn't like carrots either. He was fine with other fruits and veggies but he hated carrots.

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I'd advise use of the Holy Hand Grenade to remedy your vicious bunny situation, but I assume you want to keep your bunny alive. In that case, I really don't know what to tell you. Appeasement?

Nah, they just like getting the Arcane Vision from the carrots.

Better stock up on carrots then OP. What bunny wants, bunny gets!

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Pretty easy but unpopular option when any sort of pet decides to become picky about their food: Let them starve. As in: do NOT give them different food until they've finished what they've already got. If they're really stubborn, they might hold out for a few days, but no animal is going to die from hunger when they have food available.

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Try dying all her other food orange

Not all bunnies eat the crunch-crunch carrots. Bunbuns don't always want the carrots that gleam in the sun.

And then it dies from nutrient deficincies.

I had a rabbit like that too, she was a brat lol. I gave her lots of veggies and hay but bunnies need to eat their food if you have to just only give her the food for a few days. She will learn to eat it.

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Au contraire. My last bunbun was STUBBORN and ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT eat packaged rabbit food from a pet store. No matter what we did. We tried just leaving it there for days, we tried different brands... He would simply ignore it and let birds or squirrels come and take it while he munched on grass. His enclosure was a hutch we had built to stand with the natural ground as the floor, so he had gotten used to eating fresh grass and the alfalfa I tossed into his hidey shelter, and my stepfather always threw him the fruit and veggie scraps from his morning smoothies and salads he made for his lunch at work. So he was one spoiled bunbun, but frankly he did well on the fresh vegetation diet and we never had to buy pet store food again, and he lived for a long time. So it's not always a good thing to try and force them to eat a food they don't like, sometimes they will just refuse until they starve, and they won't die if you don't feed them pet store food as long as they get an appropriate substitute diet of fresh veggies and some fruit.

it depends really. The generic protein pellets are to high in protein if that's what you're trying to feed them. people don't seem to understand that that isn't natural. I have a pet mouse and he's on a purely seeds only diet. Those protein pellets are like eating a protein bar for every meal. It's gross, I mean really try eating the same protein bar every day for each meal and that's all you can eat. So if you feed your pets that which pet stores blindly recommend then expect your animal to have no desire to eat. with vegetables that's different. my mouse only eats broccoli and corn. But there's benefits to that, I can give him more high calory foods as corn is rich in fiber and retains water quite well. So there is benefits and it was natural for your bunny to want to graze on grass, they quite commonly do that in the wild.

I have mice rats and a chinchilla and a dwarf hamster and I have to feed them certain foods, because they need a specific amount. So if the rabbit won't eat it's pellets can't it get sick? I'm no rabbit expert of course I've only had 2 and I'm not a vet yet (getting there) but from what I know I think all animals need their pellets for protein and carrots are awful for rabbits anyways.

My little brother's bunny did something similar when we got her. We bought her the pellets with pieces of dried fruits and veggies. She'd only eat said fruits and veggies and dump all the pellets. Hopefully your bunny will eventually cave in, OP! Try asking around for help. There's plenty of bunny forums :)

be sure to give it lots of hay, too. I made that mistake before. Rabbits constantly need hay, even on top of veggies.

Give the bunny lots of hay and water - make sure they have loads of hay always - they like dandilion leaves and fresh grass too (not mowed!) Let the bunny eat the pellets from the ground if they spill it (in my opinion)