By Pauline - United States
Today, I visited my son at his university accommodations and noticed he's clearly never cleaned it since he moved in two years ago. I tried cleaning it myself, but gave up entirely when I found what looked like mushrooms growing out of an old takeout container. FML
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  Ms_ValS  |  27

If OP were suffering from empty nest syndrome, this would never have happened. His room would have been spotless and he'd be eating like a king.

  Star_Gazer_x  |  16

Or instead of interfering just leave him to it. He's moved out, end of... I still live at home and if my parents tried to touch my stuff I'd lose my shit so why not let him have his freedom....

  tomvertigo  |  17

"He's a grown man" and "make him clean his own room" are fairly contradictory. If he is a grown man he can't be made to do anything, hence the "grown man" part...

  jrm89  |  9

Lol! Just like #36 said, this statement seems to contradict itself but that man does need to clean his nasty room! I don't understand how some people do it...

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Story time!

I actually had a roommate like this back when I was attending a military language school. At first, he was fine and acted normal, then suddenly, he metamorphosed into this unhygienic, lazy bastard of a man. I kept my things very neat and clean, and he was the literal opposite: discarded pizza boxes and leftover food were littered everywhere, and his bed and all possessions were covered with a thin layer of dead skin cells and dandruff.

The place smelled like a landfill.

The guy spent every hour he could possibly muster playing World of Warcraft, and never left the room to do anything except piss. His interpretation of cleaning was Febreze. I had enough, and eventually approached his stinky ass and bellowed at him to take a shower immediately, and he did so promptly.

Eventually, I had enough of his shit, and I asked my NCO to relocate him, and that was the last I saw of him.


I think he's just lazy and dirty.
I mean, come on, being clean and being responsible are things that one gets taught, but at the same time they are things that one has to actively pursue.
OP's mom describes fungus growing? That's crazy, her son, to me, isn't mature enough to live on his own.

  countryb_cth  |  38

Two of my friends recently moved in together and I ask myself the same question about the one guy. He's absolutely disgusting and so lazy. Recently they moved out due to problems and the guy took all his clothes out of his room. There was literally a layer of garbage, it looked like a years worth of garbage piled up in only 2-3 months. Once he had the dishes so pilled up that you couldn't see the counter or stove and they all had food on them. His roommate uses to come over to my place because he was so messy. I'll never understand people who can live like that.

By  TaoShaman  |  24

How does that even happen? I had a roommate kind of like that, but not as bad. If it's a dorm, don't they do health inspections because of that type of thing? That sounds kinda dangerous and unsanitary.

  tomvertigo  |  17

Either he is lazy, extremely overloaded (not impossible) or this is some kind of psychological micro-aggression against his parents for always being clean.