Roommates from hell

By ugh - 30/09/2011 19:45 - United States

Today, after a month of living in a pigsty of an apartment with my roommates, I spent the day cleaning the place out. When everyone returned home, instead of thanking me, all they could do was point out the spots I'd missed. FML
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That's when you hand them a broom

ur roommates sound like dicks...


ur roommates sound like dicks...

Well we all knows what happens to dicks... They get Bleach put into their drinks!!! Too far..?

Trash the place and tell them to clean it. Then they'll be thankful.

flockz 19

nooooo then they'll be pissed. and then they'll broom slap you.

LiveLaughFML 10

point to their face and say "you have a spot" :D

Some people just can't be thankful.

Next time they go out like that, only clean your portion, and pee in theirs

Kind of ironic the comment about peeing on stuff has a cat as it's picture

Orrr maybe youre the dickk?(:

monkeys1315 0

Don't clean next time and see how they like it then

I mean you worked hard so... give them some windex and tell them to suck it.

28 noooo because thats when you take the shotgun out.

That's when you hand them a dildo and say "If you don't like it, go fuck yourself!":)

mzimaginarium 1

Or maybe the OP was sick of living in a dump.

That's when you hand them a broom

Jdimp 1

it's alright. God will reward you. btw you missed a spot

Ooh, OP, you missed a spot.

Don't miss anything then, no I'm joking maybe you should tell them to stop whoring themselves out and help you then

At least you thanked yourself..... Tell them To clean up next time

doctor_awesome 8

Yes, because if she hadn't thanked herself, no one would have. Even though thanking yourself means nothing.

Why are There random New lines in Your post?

Because Thats How I write Got A Problem

That Is The Most Ridiculous Thing I Have Ever Seen In My Life Seriously, it's retarded. It makes you look...we'll go with uneducated.

Wow is it really that terrible to be creative and unique. Fine I'll go be plain and uninteresting like everyone else on this.

doctor_awesome 8

Creative? That's not creative. Thats obnoxious. It makes me read like a retard because I have to pause. Every. Single. Word. 'Plain' and 'uninteresting' is just easier, and not to mention more intelligent. Your typing is not unique, its ignorant.

Glitterhinoceros 14

You live with unappreciative assholes. Tell them to get the fuck out.

Jamicianprince 1

They are ungrateful bastards

The people that don't do nothing always point out the little things like that. Sorry OP

swimchica22 0

Don't you feel loved

crinx034 0

Cannnn you feeeeeel the loooooove toniiiiiiiiiight

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Stop it guys, you're getting your love all over my face.

marpay 11

That's not all that I'm getting all over your face shrooms. O.O

*watches from closet and eats popcorn*


That's when you trash the place while they're away, and when they come back hand them a mop and say "It's your turn bitches."

If u can't beat em. Join em.