Grossed out

By disguested - 04/03/2010 20:01 - United States

Today, after threatening my son for weeks that if he didn't clean his room, I would, I went in, equipped with a garbage bag, ready to throw away everything I found, only to discover dozens of empty bottles, two partially empty pizza boxes, Taco Bell wrappers, and cockroaches. FML
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Well that's a useless threat. "Do your chores or I will for you!"

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What's the problem? You should've known what you were getting into.


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What's the problem? You should've known what you were getting into.

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in Russia, room clean you!! baha! but seriously, way to get played SON!

There's pink underwear under his pillow

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no you peole are retarded when she said she would go In there with a trash bag she ment she would throw away everything on the floor like toys clothes or anything for punishment. but what the son did was pick up everything else but the trash

Condoms would've been an improvement besides, what girl would go in there? Don't let him take anything to his room anymore! What kind of bottles were they? Is your son an alcoholic slob?

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Finding no condoms could be worse than finding them depending on the age and sexual activity...

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this is all one sentence... -_- and er, OP, how would you know his room was dirty if you never saw it? and if you did see it, then how come you were suprised?

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26, that's a blantantly obvious fact, if you just called me and idiot, let me explain. when a person with average intellegence makes a comment.. the message behind what was said must be thought about. no one here needs to point out what you just said, we all understand.

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oops, I didn't realize that 26. my bad >.<

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wow. scary. "CLEAN YOUR ROOM OR ILL DO IT FOR YOU!" hmm. what would i do? MAYBE NOT CLEAN MY ROOM?

Wow your son just outsmarted you bigtime. YDI for failing at being a parent.

YDI for failing at ur parent job.. tsk tsk totally epic

how is that a threat? why would he rather do it himself?

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naw never mind, dats nasty

The threat is that she's going to throw away all of his personal belongings. For example, if he had an ipod lying around, she'd throw that away. Obviously either the kid didn't have things worth keeping or he put those away so she was only threatening to improve his life.

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You should just let it be. It's his room. and you would be punishing him enough by allowing him to live in his own filth. It's not like you ever go in there, ... Or do you?

Perhaps what you should have done is contributed to his garbage dump by leaving your own trash in there as well. Kitchen trash full? No problem, just dump it in your son's room. Done with that banana? You know where to toss the peel. Maybe eventually he'd catch on.

(. o. )(. o. ) ------ I didn't read the comments I'm just posting.

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You should have just let it be. Letting him live in his own Filth should be enough Punishment. And what does it matter to you? It's not your room, You don't go in there, ... or do you?

what did you expect. if you make those threats be prepared to deliver.

You're a mother and you can't spell disgusted? I'm afraid of the havoc your gene pool will wreak on society.

@ 52 - You uhh, you spelt intelligence wrong, among things. <3 Karma owned you while you were trying to be smart with your fancy edumacation. What a silly sausage!

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Who needs condoms anyways?

@146 The best comments come from Perdix!

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^^ agreed, and beside snickerdoodle is just annoying she trys to hard to be on that list.

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146- Out of those.. Your name is the only one I don't remember. I'm taking you off the list, bumping everyone down, and putting Perdix in 1st place

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sounds pretty gross. and like you don't have very much control over him.

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you sound real intelligent saying intellegence instead of intelligence. dumbass.

you sound real intelligent for pretending that real is an adverb. dumbass.

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Did your mother have any children that lived?

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f you, best comments: 1. Perdix 2. Intoxicunt 3. The_pleb

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look here! we have a smartass!

to the peeps who said I have the best comments: thanks...I don't think so though. they're just really perverted haha

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156, i'm on a iPhone, it sometimes auto-corrects words that are spelled properly. sorry, I don't proof read what I type, go figure.

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o cheers didn't actually get that thank you!!! :)

Well that's a useless threat. "Do your chores or I will for you!"

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u shoulda told him u would kick him out or beat hiss ass....Depends on the age!!!

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you know I'm being sarcastic, right?

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I like "Taco John's" better. I was wondering, why do American's work at Mexican restaurants, and Mexican's work at American restaurants? Sounds like cultural confusion to me. :)

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It's the fact that if they cleaned the child's room, they wouldn't care about the kids privacy, nor stuff, hence the 'ready to throw out everything I found.' but ehh, you're right. That's kind of a useless threat.

well it could be effective if the kid had some 'toys'.

It often works when it comes with throwing away anything they pick up, favorite items included.

How's this an FML? What did you expect to find?

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why is ***** pluralized. I don't even want to know what happened there...

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she was obviously planning on throwing away his clothes/toys/games that might be laying around. but OPs son out smarted her

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Tell your son to stop eating junk food, YDI

My friend, if junk food had never exsited, Hitler would have killed Ghandi, joined forces with Ashton Kutcher and gone out on a mission to destroy Blue's Clues and Bounty Extra Soft! Then Al Pacino would never be able to kill the Jonus Brothers and Justin Beiber when he caught them having a gay sex orgy and the world would become doomed as we know it! Ahhhhh!!!!!

bwahaha @121 you totally just made my day! : )

I always knew that someday, someone would understand my logic and agree with me instead of hitting me with a deaf llama. I knew one day it would come.....

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everyone after 150 got carried away trying to be like 121... didn't work out lol @ 121!

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or a dead midget with a handle-bar mustache wearing a strap-on.

So.. is this midget a woman with a handlebar mustache or a man with two cocks?

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weeelllll why in the world would you clean his room for him?!?! just let the roaches eat him alive...maybe then he'll learn

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you shoulda seen it coming

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would u rather see condoms? besides u got owned for having to cleanup

OP, be a parent. So far you are failing. YDI

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