By Anonymous - 04/04/2018 01:30

Today, while visiting my son at university, I noticed a funky smell in his room. He admitted to not changing his bedsheets since he moved in 2.5 years ago. I’ve raised an animal. FML
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Think of all the water and electricity he has saved by refraining from planet-destroying laundry!


manb91uk 22

Did you skip the lesson on Washing Machines? If so, it's your fault... If not, you raised a cretin

I'm pretty sure the son knows how to wash his own sheets. He knows his sheets smells, he knows where the laundry room is, and he should knows how to use a washer. Can't blame parents for their adult children not knowing how to do simple things.

DraftHail614 17

I see you around a lot. Usually I see witty comments from you. This one though... Not your best work. It's like you were looking for a way to blame the parent.

Think of all the water and electricity he has saved by refraining from planet-destroying laundry!

WeirdUS 29

Unfortunately, basic life skills aren't being taught or worse the person never figures it out on their own. Like cooking for yourself or doing your laundry. The expectation you are going to be taught everything is bad, sometimes you have to ask otherwise, they assume you picked it up along the way. Even if you were never taught how the number of how to's available online is staggering. There really isn't a reason for not knowing basic life skills now.

Must be single. No girlfriend or boyfriend would let their special someone get away with that.

Oh he knows how to do laundry because he said himself that his bedsheets smell because he hasn't washed them. The thing I want to know is why did he not wash them? No time? Laziness? Or his friends telling him it's a womans job? Probably laziness, but you never know.

Lobby_Bee 17

Weigh the bedsheets before washing it. It would be interesting to know how much of your son's dead skin he shedded in 2.5 years.

Not nearly as much as the mattress myth would have you believe.

I'll tell you what <I>REALLY</I> stinks is going to be the homeless guy gets stuck with that bed when you toss the matress out!

CrazyTrainWreck 19

I've heard of someone being an animal in the sheets but this isn't how I imagined it.