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  almost_there44  |  26

I'm pretty sure the son knows how to wash his own sheets. He knows his sheets smells, he knows where the laundry room is, and he should knows how to use a washer. Can't blame parents for their adult children not knowing how to do simple things.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

Unfortunately, basic life skills aren't being taught or worse the person never figures it out on their own. Like cooking for yourself or doing your laundry. The expectation you are going to be taught everything is bad, sometimes you have to ask otherwise, they assume you picked it up along the way. Even if you were never taught how the number of how to's available online is staggering. There really isn't a reason for not knowing basic life skills now.


Oh he knows how to do laundry because he said himself that his bedsheets smell because he hasn't washed them. The thing I want to know is why did he not wash them? No time? Laziness? Or his friends telling him it's a womans job? Probably laziness, but you never know.