By Anonymous - 22/11/2012 17:35 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, my boss asked me if I had any special plans for Christmas. After I told him I was planning a trip to Canada, he snapped, "Well, you can forget it. I need you at the office." FML
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If you have the time already scheduled off and approved by superiors, your boss can't do jack about it.


25- why isn't Canada all that? For all I know Canada is awesome.

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We have snow. OP's in Australia, maybe he wanted to go somewhere cold?

25, depends what you look for. I personally think that where I live, BC, is the most beautiful and perfect place in the world for me, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But some people would rather live in a place like New York and that's cool too.

But since OPs from Australia they're probably coming for the mountains. Whistler is always FULL of Australians.

Speaking from living here my whole life, 40. Canada is pretty great. Can't complain.

Canada is the shit. Ski all day, party all night!

Your boss is a dick and you should start looking for something else IMMEDIATELY. However, YDI for wanting to go to Canada.

That's happened to me before. I always feel like the bitch of the company because there's nothing you can do about it

If you have the time already scheduled off and approved by superiors, your boss can't do jack about it.

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6- "If you already have the time scheduled off and approved by superiors". If that's the case, no, the boss cannot fire OP for a no show.

17 - exactly. It isn't possible no-show on a scheduled vacation day.

Jack shouldn't be involved in this in any case.

30 - Exactly. I was wondering why the boss would do Jack about the time off.

In Canada , we have a 3 month probationary period where an employer my terminate employment at any point, for any reason.. Even if the only reason is they don't like you , I don't know if its like that in the land down under though and if OP tried to schedule the time off during this period.. Just pointing it out:$

The boss just canceled the vacation. That would be a no show. Nowhere did OP say anyone else approved it. Vacations get canceled all the time. Suck it up or get fired.

They still need to have a good reason for firing you.

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I would like to see your reaction if your boss said that to u

71- I don't know about other places of employment, but where I work if you have the hours to cover and you have the time already scheduled off, no one can force you to change plans nor can they cancel it. They can ask but that's as far as it goes if you don't want to change your plans. If OP is an intern or even on probation like someone else said it would be different, my view of the FML is that OP has been employed there for some time already.

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Am I the only one who hasn't ever heard a Canadian say, "Eh!" ?

Considering almost 70% of my friends are either Canadian or Australian, I can assure you it does come up on occasion, even if just jokingly. I don't see why such phrases need to be limited to Canadians or Australians, I find they come in handy quite often, eh?

I'm Canadian, and usually only say "eh" in jest. I do, however, use "hey" a lot (especially to form a question, as in, "That's different, hey?"), which often sounds like "eh", so I get how it would sound like I use it all the time. I'm sure I'm not the only Canadian that does that, either...

I have 6 family members who live in Canada, and one of them was born and raised in America, and all of them seriously use the term eh quite commonly. No big deal, it's just like Americans saying dude or man or something along those lines.

If you were born and raised here in Canada, and you have never said "eh", you may turn in your passport at the border.

Yea, I'm from Canada and I'm guilty of saying it A LOT unfortunately .. But everyone has their own speech patterns , just a fact of life

Having a family from Newfoundland, I've noticed that it's most common in Newfies. Words like "eh," "by" (rather than "boy,") and "buddy" come up quite often.

You know who says "eh?" a lot? Sarah Palin, who is American.

Why did he even bothering asking you if you had any plans if he's just going to make you work? What a ******* twat

And you just now told him about a week long vacation that is in under one month? You're a moran

I detest bosses like that. My dad always has to work on Christmas and it always makes me so sad :'(

I think he may be a little bit jealous. But hey at least he didn't fire you in order to give everyone else a nice Christmas bonus.

Hasn't he ever read or watched Scrooge?