By Neanderthals walk among us - 04/08/2013 19:09 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, a customer screamed at me, because her iced coffee tasted exactly like coffee, and she hates coffee. Sadly, this isn't even the most insane person I've had to deal with at this job. FML
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gremlin_bros 19

Gee coffee that tastes like coffee who would have thunk it lol

Tell her to stay away from anything that says "coffee" in it title if she hates it so god damn much.


alexwow1 13

How stupid can someone be

More like what a fucking dumbass

twaumat 28

I say what a tard.

you shoulda Pissed in her coffee to match the shit someone took in her cheerios

gremlin_bros 19

Gee coffee that tastes like coffee who would have thunk it lol

jman26 11

No brains no headaches I guess

Ummmmm There are people that put tons of sugar and cream in their coffee so it no longer tastes like coffee. She must be one of those people. :P

^ On top of this, there are also some that hate the taste of liquor unless it's mixed with something fruity like juice. Some that hate vegetables unless it's covered in melted cheese. Some that hate salads unless it's drenched in ranch dressing. I could go on but will stop. :P No one deserves to get yelled at but wanted to make a point about the "coffee taste".

67- It was intentional.

i would have NEVER guessed that. i would have thought coffee tasted just like Orange Juice ): man, i think ive been living under a rock all these years :/ i wonder what else i have missed. lol

What is it suppose to taste like??

Tell her to stay away from anything that says "coffee" in it title if she hates it so god damn much.

ApollosMyth 22

But that'd make too much sense.

Wow what an amazing discovery! Coffee tastes like coffee!

In relating news, when you die, you stop breathing! Tune in next for more shocking discoveries.

UPDATE: Sarcasm! A rising trend in internet users. More at 7 tonight!

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Lizardgirl 7

NEWSFLASH: Studies show that exposure to fire can possibly result in death! For more shocking information, tune in at 8.

Emelsh16 11

The most insane person was probably someone who needed coffee beans ground up at precisely 5:49 AM, needed exactly 3/4 inches of foam, and whipped cream on top imported from Bolivia. Good luck at the local coffee shop, OP!

your profile picture is my spirit animal!!!

37 Dance Magic Dance!

You remind me of the babe.

bfsd42 20

What babe?

SparklyCuntt 12

Babe with the power.

SparklyCuntt 12

Power of Voodoo

bfsd42 20

Who do?

perdix 29

Be glad you don't work in a fish restaurant. People will complain that the fish tastes "fishy" even though they are not insane. I'm curious what the crazier customer said. Perhaps the hot dog didn't taste enough like dog?

ViRepz 28

Or they didn't know it had to be heated?

bingbongbingbong 11

How do you know what dogs taste like?

ViRepz 28

Thus why that customer might be crazy...

KVKdragon 26

Sadly, my dad said his seafood meal at the Bonefish Grill (family dinner restaurant) was "too fishy"(shocker!) recently. My sister and I gaped at him then with bewilderment while my mom nodded in agreement -_-

sorta_sarcastic 12

You must work at McDonald's... That sounds like a McDonald's customer.

McDonald's coffee tastes like poison.

yeah sounds about right. a lady today complained to my manager because I touched her cup... how else am I supposed to hand shit out the window?

Some people just like hearing themselves talk.

I wish I could thumb this up 100 times!

Should have explained to her slowly like a child why it tasted like coffee

"can I have a hazelnut latté please?" last words: " I have a severe nut allergy, you asshole"

At my elementary school we had kids make a peanut free table and change lunch and recess around so we didn't get nuts everywhere. Then, they'd not use the table and complain about nuts. Biggest fucktards ever!!