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By stupid older sister - 24/07/2014 21:54 - United States - Saint Charles

Today, I woke up from a nap to find my little brother playing some games on my phone. A few hours later I come to find he had deleted all 500 pictures from my trip to Europe last month. He needed more space to download the games. Mom says he's too young to understand what he did wrong. He's 14. FML
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What a dick, wait till he goes on a trip and takes pictures then take your revenge.

Yikes. Maybe see if there's any sort of recovery software for phones? Should back up ASAP (phones can corrupt and lose things) and lock your phone in future.


Yikes. Maybe see if there's any sort of recovery software for phones? Should back up ASAP (phones can corrupt and lose things) and lock your phone in future.

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No, there's an app that you can use to recover deleted stuff but OP would have to either root or jailbreak their phone.

The chance is better if she's got external memory, sometimes it can recover things that have been overwritten. And obviously, could just buy an adaptor to do it. But yep, if it's phone memory the chances are really not good!

#32. True, you can recover data that has been deleted as long as it was not over written. Based on what, the brother downloaded, she might be able to recover some of the pics but not all of them.

Something you guys might not understand is that data has to be overwritten 32 times for it to be completely gone. Some of the pics should be able to be recovered. Some may be corrupted, but should still be recoverable. Anyway, this is why it's important to have a backup. All my Andoid phone pics were backed up by Google and Avast Backup, that is until my Google Drive account ran out of space.

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#74 and he needs to pay for the recovery, too. It won't be cheap. But at 14, he is MORE than old enough to understand what he did wrong. Once the data is recovered, time to delete all his games. Password protect it for now. And the same with EVERY electronic item, too. Password or lock 'em up and keep the key hidden. He clearly can't be trusted with them. Sounds like the brother is a spoiled little shit, IMHO.

Norton has a data recoverer that will work on a phone if it's hooked to your computer.

#77 That's not true at all, the filesystem has a specific amount of bytes, say 1024 for example. The pictures took up say, 256 bytes. The games would replace those 256 bytes leaving no trace of the pictures.

It's possible to recover. I did a data dump and made the file into a hard drive, then I ran recovery software on it. You can get all the instructions if you google MTP file recovery. It's time consuming but if the files are important it's worth it. No guarantee that you'll be able to recovery all the pictures, especially if your brother overwrote them with his games. On a revenge note, use his computer to look up **** and tell your mom that he was surfing ****. Bet she won't think he is too young to know any better then.

Not sure 32 times is accurate, but yes, overwritten data can still sometimes leave some behind. I've known people do this with SD cards and have older pictures than expected recovered. The issue is that even if just deleted, it's still hit and miss. For this I doubt a free program would do enough.

I'm 13 and I know better than him. Maybe OP's brother is just a dumbass.

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92. I meant 35 times, and that is to completely delete a file without possible recovery. After a few times it's most likely going to be corrupted, but should still be recoverable.

#76, I completely agree, I have always had my phone password protected to block my friends

What a dick, wait till he goes on a trip and takes pictures then take your revenge.

Then OP wouldn't be any better than her brother.

What would make her the same as her brother is if she did it to someone who didn't deserve it, and that little shit deserves it.

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45- that would still be incredibly petty.

#70- It would also be incredibly satisfying.

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He may not care about that stuff. If you want to be petty, delete his saves from all his video games (but not the games themselves.) Most gamers would be extremely frustrated at the idea of stating over from scratch.

My question is how the **** did you get 500 pics?

On a 2 week trip, it's 35 a day or so. Not that many if she was going interesting places, maybe photos with friends, or locals. Of sites, people, events, maybe gigs, wildlife. Wouldn't be that much. Based on the amount some post, I think some people can hit 35 bathroom selfies in 1 go :/

He bought them! How do you think he got them, he took them, with a camera.

You clearly haven't met anyone interested in photography...500 pictures is not that much. Surely even those who aren't interested have had times when they have to take like 5 pics of the same thing because the lighting/angle is off?

My family went to Europe and my mom had over 3,000 for 2 weeks.. 500 is nothin

I got about a thousand in Hawaii. Not that uncommon.

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I... Really can't follow that. I'm not sure what the games being free matters, he selfishly deleted pictures to make space for them. Because there wasn't enough storage for them otherwise. Then we get to "You don't take games with a camera"? That just... I have no idea what that means.

121 "this is the most ignorant post". Was he referring to his own post?

#121 free games still need space to download. If you knew anything about smartphones you would know that!!! And commenter, I went to Mexico and took more pics than that. That's nothing compared to going to Europe. Those 500 pics were just some of the pics she took.

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Maybe you should learn to Dropbox or back them up?

If you have an iPhone, your 1000 most recent photos should still be in your photo stream, except for ones you deleted right after they were taken. Then you can resave them and back them up so it doesn't happen again!

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he doesnt have his own phone?

If he's this much of a little shit he shouldn't have a phone.

His phone is probably riddled with pointless apps and games that he's too spoiled to play with or delete, so he started using OP's phone.

Back up pictures as soon as you get back... I also learned this the hard way and even though it might be a pain in the ass at the time, your memories are worth it

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or you could just passcode lock your phone...

True, but memory of any type can corrupt and you lose everything. One cause is automatic updates, if it screws up.

Why was he downloading games or even on your phone to begin with? I honestly think he should have his own by now. If that's not an option, he should've checked in with you first. It's never okay to throw away peoples personal stuff like that.

Little brothers are the reason for passcode-protected phones.

My mom forces me to tell my little brother my pass code, could be the same case for OP

I would KILL my brother if he did something like that. FYL

Go and scratch up all his video game discs

Yakostovian 18

Not as effective as deleting all his save game data. Delete his progress, and he may not want the games at all. Destroying his discs will definitely be blamed on the OP. But if the save data is gone, that can be explained a number of different ways that are in no way the OP's fault.

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Although I am an avid gamer, and would kill someone with an axe if that happened to me, I almost feel OP should. But only 2 or 3.