By Magilla - United States
Today, I underwent several cardiac tests involving heart monitoring nodes placed all over my chest. The lab techs didn't pre-shave the areas and yanked out big clumps of chest hair as they removed the 10 nodes. They laughed, and said it could take up to a year for the hair to grow back. FML
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  toelie  |  25

#24: You realise that shaving is not the same as plucking, right? Cutting off some of the hair is not the same as pulling it out entirely.

Didn't know chest hair, even if plucked, takes that long to grow back, though. I'd have thought within a month or so you'd have it back. Either way, just shave/wax what's left of it if the bald patches bother you that much.

  ericownz101  |  0

i shaved my stomach and chest one time just for SnG's and it grew back completely within a month.. not thicker either like most people seem to believe.
plucking does take longer though and it grows back thicker. my step dad had those sticky things on his naturally unhairy back and it ripped the peach fuzz out so when it grew back he had a few circular patches of brown hair.

  eurostar710  |  11

Some people like a hairy guy.

I like hairy guys. Not fat super hairy guys though. And not hairy backs (YUK!). But a nice muscular guy with a hairy chest... There's nothing better!

  Sinkhole  |  26

Everyone has their own preferences, it's a bit stupid to say that the hair on the chest is nasty, but it's just as stupid to say that if someone doesn't like chest hair that he/she is a child.

  woofis  |  0

40, even more. well I guess it's all a matter of perception, I don't know how anyone could think hair is gross as long as it's relatively clean.

  lalagirl912  |  0

"saying really gross is so childish" T.T you guys are so stupid, how exactly is that childish?? guess I sound like a child too cuz I said so stupid, huh?

By  Doortje  |  29

If you whine about that, you're probably single anyway, so no one will see it. Now let's hope that while your hair grows back you'll grow some balls too.