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Today, I started my first day at a new hospital. My first assignment? Shave an elderly man's testicles. FML
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knibbsy 4

Man, you're new job is nuts! What a hairy situation. You did some hangin' around the office, only to get low-balled by your boss.


SMJ210 0

Fun! Did you use shaving cream? Would suck to have to deal with razor burn on what I can only imagine is such a sensitive area.

stephanie0613 0

Thanks by the way! You were very gentle and my sak is nice and smooth now.


WallyTheWombat 0

You knew you would have to do crap like that when signed up for that job.


Michael216 0
confusdsincbirth 5
Jessi2487 0

did his balls hang low? did they waggle to and fro? cant u tie them in a knot? can u tie them in a bow? can u throw them on ur shoulder like a continental soldier? did his balls hang low?

confusdsincbirth 5

Actually if you must know its a nickname from my friends. By the way, you look like a freak in your picture.

confusdsincbirth 5

And I am not attempting anything because I don't want to resort to moronic puns.

fritz2 0

amaye just get out. btw I agree you look like a freak.

stephanie0613 0

I agree with 132 and 133 Amaye shut the **** up and get the **** out.

xFalzz 0

Successful trolls were successful!

confusdsincbirth 5

Oh wow you are soo smooth I am sooo impressed! No.. You are annoying and they commented even though you werent speaking to them because you annoy them. They have a right to speak their mind.

How are you a docter, yet u have time to germt in the computer and screw around?

cporter125 0

wow, that must sucked... ...balls.

aymen shut the **** up you stupid bitch. your damn annoying everyone

I just had to point out that in your comment you say how much you hate when people show skin and make a moronic comment, yet this is exactly what you're doing here.

He needs to look good for the women back at the nursing home. You know how it is. Just don't fondle someone who isn't interested OP. -The Fluffs

paid2think 0

Plenty of woman back in the nursing home. But he's goin after his young assistant :))

Are you sure? I thought he'd go after Mrs. Grady, the widow who lost her husband in WW2. I was sure I saw the passion in their eyes towards one another. -The Fluffs

xxxbooxxx 16

it says it's in the work category..

AudaciouslyInsan 0

He was going after Ms. Grady last time I checked. -The Fluffs

paid2think 0

Maybe he is but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed that bubble bath his assistant gave him verryy much.

Tikwichka 5

Aw, #30, you gave the game away!

AudaciouslyInsan 0

No, I got banned. -.- FML gave the game away. -The Fluffs

AudaciouslyInsan 0

So you mod that comment? Why it was the truth you know.

FFML_314 11
AudaciouslyInsan 0

Learn what? To conform? No. -.-

AudaciouslyInsan 0

I'm glad you're at least getting a laugh out of it. Well, tell MissGrinch she was my favorite person on here. I'm leaving like you guys wanted. I have enough stress and fml shouldn't add to it. Peace.

Was he a **** star about to record a movie?

iluvharryp 0

visions of old people ****+shaving balls=TOTALLY DISGUSTING

knibbsy 4

Man, you're new job is nuts! What a hairy situation. You did some hangin' around the office, only to get low-balled by your boss.

how long did it take u to think of that?

first or not lol it was still great. well played sir

knibbsy 4

About 25 seconds from the first word to the last. I'm really that punny.

jsmith16 0
tbonea1990 0

ur a dumb ass making all the corniest jokes that's y u have no bf /gf

tbonea1990 0

ur a dumb ass making all the corniest jokes that's y u have no bf /gf

Heh, double post? Also, sort out your grammar please :3

haha the man clearly made a funny...ur just jealous you didn't think of it....haha =p

TheOriginalKyrs 0

119-belzenef! :D I like how his comment didn't get chewed out, but the punny comment above did. I like this one better though. kudos to you :)

how is this a FML? your at a new job working in a hospital so you must be a care worker or nurse.. your told in your training you have to do this sort of thing

RedPillSucks 31

Kinda like the guy who goes into gynecology because he wants to look at pussy, only to have his first patient be someones grandmother.

it might be something you have to do or something like that , but it still sucks to have to shave some olds guys sack ..

NurseHolly 3

It's certainly not a glamorous job! Trust me... There's worse things to come. Enjoy ;)

I'm sorry, but HOW does this relate to #2's comment? Are you learning how to comment?

Then you fail. If you really want to be at the top you should reply to #1. Duuurr.

paid2think 0

Oh didn't you hear? Mrs. Grady met someone outside the nursing home. I heard the old man did like her though. Poor him.