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  Jessi2487  |  0

did his balls hang low? did they waggle to and fro? cant u tie them in a knot? can u tie them in a bow? can u throw them on ur shoulder like a continental soldier? did his balls hang low?


Oh wow you are soo smooth I am sooo impressed! No.. You are annoying and they commented even though you werent speaking to them because you annoy them. They have a right to speak their mind.

  blueberry1223  |  0

I just had to point out that in your comment you say how much you hate when people show skin and make a moronic comment, yet this is exactly what you're doing here.

  TheTigerRoars  |  0

Are you sure? I thought he'd go after Mrs. Grady, the widow who lost her husband in WW2. I was sure I saw the passion in their eyes towards one another.
-The Fluffs


I'm glad you're at least getting a laugh out of it. Well, tell MissGrinch she was my favorite person on here. I'm leaving like you guys wanted. I have enough stress and fml shouldn't add to it. Peace.

By  kom84  |  0

how is this a FML? your at a new job working in a hospital so you must be a care worker or nurse.. your told in your training you have to do this sort of thing