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  Jess_Love  |  0

yeah... ydi for not knowing everyone has to shave where the tattoo is going to be... just reading up on how they do tattoos and the preparations they do would have told you that everyone has to do it...


op, you're a mammal. mammals have hair. even if its just a tiny bit, it can fuck up your tat. so, not your fault, but you might not want to post such things online cuz these dumbasses are always gonna be "eww good job for being a nasty hairy bitch" buuut congrats on joining the club, i hope you didnt get a tramp stamp.


Not true, I got a tattoo on my upper back and they didn't have to shave, maybe you should go get your back waxed? FYL though...How many people who say it needs to be shaved actually have tattoos?

  JulzKay  |  0

Uhm you're supposed to get shaved before a tattoo to avoid ingrown hairs. Whoever didn't shave you first was tattooing unsafe. I've known enough tattoo artists, and people to get tattoos, to tell you such!

  haweb  |  0

To everyone saying you always have to shave before you get a tattoo- I've got four different tattoos, split between two different tattoo parlors. I didn't have to shave for any of them, and they all turned out great. I also know lots of people who have a number of tattoos, and unless it's in a place where there was actually thick hair present, they didn't have to shave before it was done.

  Mischief109  |  11

I have a tattoo on my ankle and I hadn't shaved in a few days. He didn't tell me to shave or anything and my tat looks awesome. He didn't shave it for me, he just went over the hair

  jackipdoc  |  31

I'm a girl and places like my wrist and my ribs have been shaved in preparation for tattoos. I can't see hair on either place but they have to do it.

By  RainbowxKitty  |  0

Its standard. If you were to get a tattoo on your forearm where there is little skin, you have to shave it. Any place that could even have the finest of hair, you have to shave, even if you get a tattoo between your thumb and finger.