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Today, my roommate confronted me about my eating disorder. She described in length how emaciated my chest has become and how she wants to help. Except I don't have an eating disorder. My sternum is deformed and I have only recently become confident enough to wear low-cut tops. FML
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People suck, OP. don't listen to them. Your sternum isn't your fault and I bet you're gorgeous.

justanotherbird 19

Aw, that is really terrible. They didn't know and were just trying to help, but that doesn't make sucks any less.


People suck, OP. don't listen to them. Your sternum isn't your fault and I bet you're gorgeous.

That's true (@1), and if you have confidence in your body, most people will see that and find that more beautiful than any outward appearance,

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are you a fish or bear in real life؟؟؟

I'm a fish because it's obviously winning

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@22 That statement was just ridiculous. The OP can not help that her sternum sticks out, and I know this because my boyfriend of 3 years has a similar issue. Only his sternum was removed at an early age and with age, his body grew and he had to have many of his ribs broken and moved several times. Because of this, his collar bone protrudes and he can never have pecked muscles. My boyfriend is NOT ugly. He is the most attractive man I have ever met, body and soul. You disgust me.

FYLDeep 25

Don't worry #35. If you're sober you're ahead of 95% of the people commenting on here.

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@42 thank you and great point. and op, don't listen to them. you are beautiful

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that's so sweet to say baby, are gorgeous to love....

it's called a @22 = successful troll is successful

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Well, I bet you're still gorgeous.

if you pick good clothes, makeup and jewelry, no 1 will care they'll just think that you look hot

Just kidding. I bet your sternum is more epic than the one from Moody's Point.

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Hahahahahahahaha STERNUM he always smelled like beef

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crud, I remember that. Aghhhh nostalgia!!! I hatred they left it on a cliffhanger.... v: /

if all these chicks stayed in the kitchen I wouldn't have to read whiny females about ugly peeps

Monikabug 9

@152, no. My butt feels fine, thank you. My point was that 22 had no business speaking about something they could not possibly understand.

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Starcatch77 20

You just said you're the least popular... But people like you and find you attractive. Make up your mind?

It's called pectus excavatum, I was born with it and had 5 surgeries to fix it, but it's still something you're pretty much stuck with no matter what...

ShananaginsLOL 13

Shut the **** up, please..... that was meant for 22

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You're a damn idiot. Go ruin somebody else's day, #24.

justanotherbird 19

Aw, that is really terrible. They didn't know and were just trying to help, but that doesn't make sucks any less.

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Not necessarily. She thought there was a problem and was caring and brave enough to raise the issue.

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amazinggbaby 2

I knew a person who actually had an eating disorder, she was stick thin and slowly killing herself, if someone didn't step in and try to help her she would have kept ruining her health. so when you say that it's just a bunch of fatties trying to bitch at you for exercising, that's not the kind if eating disorder we're talking about. your healthy and thin in a good way, some people just can't follow the same path and need help doing that.

But you're talking about a girl who had a real eating disorder and actually needed help. I'm talking about fatties bitching at perfectly normal girls, just because the girls eat healthy and exercise, and as a result are not fat, which angers the fatties thus bitching at them. It's completely different situations. In cases of REAL eating disorders, it should be obvious that it's an issue, it can't be mistaken. The problem is that nowadays there's countless people bitching at nonexistent "eating disorders" that are just in fat people's minds. Like the Op's case, which wasn't an eating disorder, or like the cases I mentioned.

Have you ever heard of a slow metabolism? That's another thing that people can't help. You're the one that's beginning here.

boreddoubletears 0

So we should wait to confront someone about an eating disorder until it becomes dangerously obvious? Why not save a friend months or years of mental, emotional, and physical pain and try to catch it early?

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How? lol. That is such a ridiculous thing to say. Her rib cage is deformed. No amount of extra boobs is going to fix the SHAPE OF HER RIBCAGE. My goodness.

Sun_Kissed18 25

No, but it might distract eyes from staring at the deformities and more at her new boobs :P

Implants are always the answer. My wife skinned her knee and I'm going to get her implants to make her feel better.

@ imbatman: Surely you aren't Batman. He has no wife.

@ Astro plastic. surely you aren't a plastic straw. or are you?...

Nothing plastic here. And I don't know if one can be extra... HM.

anela_fml 0

breast implant?! REALLY bet you and the roommate would get along just peachy. OP keep being happy with you every one else will learn

I have a slight deformity in my sternum as well. Whenever I went to the doctor she told me that the only way to fix it was breast implants. I was nine.

199, that's awful. That nine year old was faced with that news. I know it depends on the deformity, but generally, being non threatening to health, a brace is considered to push different areas back into place, and even out your chest.

ohmycece 0

it's not your fault, be confident! confidence is beautiful. tell your roommate you don't have a disorder though lol

DENIAL!!! No, I'm kidding. I'm actually the same way. xD I don't recall anyone accusing me of having an eating disorder, though.

Why would breast implants help? They wouldn't FIX her sternum. It's awesome that the OP is confident enough to show it off instead of hiding it away now. Tell your room mate to get out of your business... All she is a room mate... I doubt SHE would be the one you would go to first if you realized you DID have a problem with an E/D and wanted to fix it.

Monikabug 9

If the OP wanted breast implants, she would have gotten them awhile ago. The point is that she was working on becoming comfortable with her body, being that her ribcage is deformed so much that her sternum sticks out of her chest. But like I said, I don't think that the OP wants breast implants, she just wants to be comfortable in her own skin.

Why did you put that as a reply to me? Did I say something opposing that idea?

AmoraLynn 6

I don't think the OP should tell the roommate to mind her own business, a roommate is probably going to see you more often than some of your closest friends. So it makes since that she might notice an eating disorder, even if she is mistaken, and she should try to talk about it. Most people with an eating disorder aren't going to go to anyone for help, because they don't see themselves as having a problem.