By Anonymous - 02/01/2009 18:06 - France

Today, I have dark hairs growing on my chest, nipples and stomach... I'm a 19 year old girl. FML
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... I'm pretty sure it's absolutely normal for you to grow hair on your body... Being mammals, I mean, we're all bound to get hair pretty much everywhere except our palms, soles and eyes. I can attest to that fact ;P Though... I am a dude. But yeah, a little bit of hair here and there won't freak me out, I actually expect to see tiny ones. Now if you grow a beard on your breasts, that's a different story, but lil fuzzy hairs are normal imo.

I have it too im 19 and still a virgin because im afraid of what a guy is gonna say if he sees me naked :-(


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I'm 20 and have some dark hairs on my stomach... Haven't seen a doctor about it but from some of the comments I see here maybe I should...

PCOS is easily treated with birth control or progesterone. See an OBGYN. If you have irregular periods or get breakouts regularly it might also be a symptom of the same syndrome.

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blah. I probably wouldn't care after getting used to it, but I'm sure it would initially freak me out. I'd just wax it.

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same here but im 15. try nair or bleaching it.

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Hey, me too. Since I was about...15? I always figured it was because I was Mexican. But my ex-girlfriend, pure white, had the nipple problem too, though her stomach was always hairless, but she coulda shaved there too.

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Do you have an eating disorder? Or, have you been eating less? If you eat less, you make less fat on your body, so your body grows more hair all over so you stay warm.

#77 I don't see how it's gross if it's just how the body reacts to certain things.

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I have it too im 19 and still a virgin because im afraid of what a guy is gonna say if he sees me naked :-(

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just pluck everythingg itll be fine

So have sex with a tank top and a bra on! I've seen it all the time.

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Being a man and all I feel that I should let my sex sound smarter than we some times are by saying, boobs isn't everything. I am for the most part a stereotypical guy, I love boobs and ass. But, it's also about finding someone who accepts you, like right now. Good luck. You'll find someone. :)

just shave it! But be careful about razor burn in sensitive areas.

the right guy will accept you as you are, my man knows about my problem like that and loves me how I am even when he seen me naked

i think that is completly normal. i'm a girl to and me and all my friends have dark hair on our stomach and nipples and such. we were taking a shower and they tried to pull my nipple hair. don't try it. just keep them