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Today, I was on the bus. I heard a click right before something small hit my cheek. I looked over to see the lady next to me cutting her long, dirty fingernails. The bus was too crowded to move and It was a 20 minute ride to work. FML
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  babyyappld  |  7

I think I would of thrown up all over her if I were op that's just dirty. maybe that would teach her to leave nail clipping for when you're in the washroom


Pedgegg shavings tend to have that effect on people. Aside from their main purpose as erotic stimulants, I also like to use them as a substitute for grated parmesan cheese.

  insanesna1l  |  0

mmm pizza.

although watching the pedegg ad does make me gag, and I have stood in a freezer full of dead bodies and felt nothing. which is a good thing because necrophilia is illegal and wrong

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

People, please learn to stand up for yourselves.

Don't end up like OP here, too cowardly to even say "stop that". I would have recommended saying "what the fuck are you doing?"


The bus is awesome. You see all kinds of cool shit on public transportation... Like drunk fights. And hobo arguments that turn into fights where the hobos are usually also drunk.