By Hairy_Potter - 23/01/2014 17:13 - Brazil - S?o Paulo

Today, I had to accept the fact that I'm going bald, after I noticed the hair on my chest is longer than the hair on my head. FML
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Lol his hair is going south for the winter.

As long as your shaft is functional it's all good. Cheer up


Why? Just shave off whatever is left and problem is solved.

Wizardo 33

Shave the head, grow a beard and OP wear some water wings and carry a floatie, you're gonna be drowning soon if you catch my drift...

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Maybe his chest hair is short, and his head hair is really short.

Or maybe his head hair is simply migrating to his chest.

Lol his hair is going south for the winter.

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Welcome to the club. Gotta go to Bosely

At least your pubic hairs aren't as long..

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I hate to be that guy that everyone hates, but your picture is awesome 45

I agree. Bald isn't bad. There are a lot of hot bald guys out there OP! Be happy with who you are and embrace it!

To add to the previously mentioned arguments: While balding itself is always something unpleasant for men, I'd strongly suggest for you to rather embrace it than try to fight it. There were a couple recent studies that showed that bald men are generally considered more trustworthy and more successful than other men. That being said, these studies also agree on one thing: Never fight a losing battle. This basically means that if you are indeed going bald(and are certain that it's not just a temporary thing due to stress), then don't try to hide it, but rather embrace it. The least trusted men are those who go for comb-overs or have haircuts like e.g. Ted from Scrubs. Instead, go full-on bald and own it. Trust me, once you stop desperately fighting against it and instead ride with it, you'll gain a bunch of confidence, which will have a positive effect on almost all other aspects of your life.

As long as your shaft is functional it's all good. Cheer up

And if it's not, you can always buy a new one at the hardware store.

But there's no point in just being a tool.

mrlopez 13

I highly presume OP's not a fool, he knows his tool :)

Looks like This isn't going to be a hairy situation. .. sorrynotsorry

10 - Is that an improperly used semicolon, or one of OP's chest hairs poking out of your comment?

I didn't get my mane of luxurious hair by innocent means. That one must have fallen out of my duffel bag.

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go with a military hair cut. that could help mask the fact that you are going bald.