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  Voij  |  16

To add to the previously mentioned arguments: While balding itself is always something unpleasant for men, I'd strongly suggest for you to rather embrace it than try to fight it.
There were a couple recent studies that showed that bald men are generally considered more trustworthy and more successful than other men.
That being said, these studies also agree on one thing: Never fight a losing battle. This basically means that if you are indeed going bald(and are certain that it's not just a temporary thing due to stress), then don't try to hide it, but rather embrace it.
The least trusted men are those who go for comb-overs or have haircuts like e.g. Ted from Scrubs. Instead, go full-on bald and own it.

Trust me, once you stop desperately fighting against it and instead ride with it, you'll gain a bunch of confidence, which will have a positive effect on almost all other aspects of your life.