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By HairyBoobs - 05/11/2009 14:22 - United States

Today, I nearly sliced my nipple off while shaving my chest and had to go to the ER. Turns out it was a teaching hospital so I got to explain in front of two doctors and eight med students how, even though I'm a woman, my nipples are so hairy I have to shave them. FML
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Ah, that sucks there were all those med students there. Then again, watching doctors in the field is the breast way to learn.


Good point, and your first. Does your day get any better?

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eh so what OP, you got a little hair, we're mammals and that's how its supposed to be. I like some hair on my girls, better that then someone who looks pre-pubescent.

You can't use Veet on that (Y) The Label says not to Hee Hee

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Exactly..we have hair all over our's natural. And what's the big deal about explaining it in front of med students? They aren't looking at you thinking "oh she has hairy nipples ha ha"..they are looking at you medically so they can learn and take care of you in the future..Chill out

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no, no. You can't pluck that hair. It's hella painful.

I don't even feel it when I do that. PLUCK IT OP, YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

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This is exactly what I came in here to say. I have hair around my nipples too, so I pluck them. Nipple hair doesn't grow back very fast, so I only have to do it once a week or so. It really doesn't hurt at all, and even if it did hurt, it can't hurt worse than nearly cutting off your nipple.

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Yeah, plucking doesn't hurt at all for me. Also, it's a big deal for the med students to be watching because they are most likely going to tell everyone. People in those fields (especially in training) love to relate those types of stories. You can bet their peers will hear about it. Not to worry, they'll stop telling the story once they see a patient who has a cucumber stuck and swears they were gardening naked and just fell back onto the thing (or a story of equal magnitude that trumps your sliced nipple).

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Oh yeah, and having eight med students to see one patient being treated definitely isn't the norm. What most likely happened is they gathered all of the students to come and see the lady who almost chopped her nipple off shaving.

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Or the OP is just over exaggerating, or made the whole thing up and because she sees this happen on TV she thought it happened in real life too.

Seriously? They are med students. Students. Students.

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What the hell, woman. Haven't you ever heard of waxing? YDI for being dumb enough to shave your ****.

when you shave any hair it actually makes it grow back faster and thickier.

No, it doesn't -- just like cutting yout hair doesn't make it grow faster. Hair grows from the root, not from the ends. If shaving / waxing / cutting made hair grow quicker and thicker, people who are balding or have thinning hair would be shaving daily.

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Well, shaving does make the hair thicker, because a hair is normally thinner at the end and thicker at the root. When you're shaving, you're cutting the hair close to the root, and that part will now be the new end. That equals a thicker hair. And the hair grows out faster when you shave compared to when you wax or pluck...

It's thicker at the base, but will taper out again as it grows out. People just usually don't let hair grow back out that they want to shave. The reason most people think that shaving causes thicker hair growth is puberty. Boys usually start shaving their face, and girls their legs and underarms at the beginning of puberty, about the early teens. Then, over the years, the increased production of hormones causes this androgenic hair to get thicker and darker. People happen to be shaving during this time, so the myth of shaving causing hair growth arises. If it was true, balding men would only have to shave to see increased hair growth! I shave my arms because I like the smoothness, but the hair that grows is still fine and blonde despite years of facing the blade. Waxing, however, will often cause some reduction in hair growth when done for a long time. This is because ripping the hair out at the root damages the follicle, which grows the hair. Shaving does not touch the follicle, so it won't affect the hair growth.

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I'm pretty sure that you can request the students to leave if you want. They have to have your consent to stay.

I agree, and don't shave either. You're supposed to have some hair there! it's normal. Now if it gets too hairy, you have the best and safest way, trim it with scissors!!

I'm not hairy at all. I naturally have nearly no pubic hair; practically need a flashlight to find any, lol. I've had someone complain about being sexual with me because it made him feel he was looking at/touching a little girl and it was just too creepy.

Aw, you should hang out with the Hairy Toed chick! I predict a beautiful friendship.

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I'd prefer that she spends time with the Hairy Toed chick. When I hear about hairy nipples, "hanging out" is the last visual I wish to consider!

Oh, yikes. Good point. 'Scuse me while I go bleach out my skull to get rid of that mental image.

throw in the girl who cut her ****** shaving and that'll be a real party

fake, they wouldn't do that to any patient

yea they would it's a teaching hospital the med students watch pretty much everything

They have to ask the patient's permission for the students to watch. At least, that was my experience.

Ah, that sucks there were all those med students there. Then again, watching doctors in the field is the breast way to learn.

... I want to know what nationality you are that, as a female, you grow that amount of hair on your boobs. I'd hate to see your back. Or, perhaps maybe you could kind of sorta stop beefing up on the juice?

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I'm assuming the OP isn't as hairy as I'm think you think she is. She was probably standing in the shower and was all " boobie is looking a little furry and here is my leg shaving razor..." and things just went downhill from there...

I was thinking that, but if its peach fuzz, than She deserves it, if it was full out mats of hair, I feel bad. This kind of reminds me of the little migit in Eight Crazy Nights with the hairy white ass.

lots of girls have just a few hairs on their nipples but they can be long and dark so theyd want to get rid of them.. probably more common than back hair id say..

weird, idk, I dont have any chest of back hair so idk how to feel about this.

I don't think you're obligated to feel any way in particular, though it would be kind of useless getting angry or grossed out at something that is natural.

Uhm, actually it is very common for women to grow hair around their nipples regardless of nationality, although I am certain some nationalities have it worse than others, as there is a difference in how body hair grows anyhow from race to race. I remember a year or so ago there was some article in cosmo (or some other random girl magazine like that) that I read talking about how something like 10% of the women in the world admit to having hairy nipples, if 10% ADMIT it imagine how many more must be to embarrassed to do so.

If anything, it may be a hormonal imbalance that causes the hair growth, rather than her nationality. The OP may want to look into polycystic ovarian syndrome, or pituitary adenomas. Both conditions can cause an increase in androgenic hormones in women, leading to affects such as excess hair or infertility.

Some men are into that. Or women. I guess it depnds on what you're into.

ummmmmmmmmm r u the same person who cut her toe by shaving them?

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And then tie both of them together and swing them around like a jumprope spanning your cleavage.

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Lame. Doctors see/deal with this type of crap everyday. Its not like you are the first doo-fus to walk into their ER, probably not even the first of the day.