By Anonymous - / Sunday 27 September 2009 04:10 / Canada
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or pulled down ur pants. that's probably the most obvious in this case. but then again, with that runner who they are still testing...you can never really tell

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No #18, but when you're moderating the FMLs it tells you something about repeats, and this FML has the same concept of about 10 others.

Don't worry. My 17 year old female friend has the same problem. Her mom got asked "So this is your youngest son?" Nope, oldest daughter. That sucks. :


Because due to genetics, some women are nearly flat chested and have smaller hips. Some women look better with short hair rather than long hair. Women are generally shorter than men; average runs between 5'4 and 5'6. Some people are just really stupid and think all of the above must equal preteen boy, ignoring any feminine qualities.

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