By taiannalynn5 - 02/03/2011 23:43

Today, my boyfriend and I were play-wrestling on the bed, when he started to tickle me. I tried to pull away but he pushed me back down. I ended up hitting my eye on the corner of the nightstand. His comment was "this is why you shouldn't struggle." FML
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whenever my ex used to try and tickle me i'd dig my nails into an exposed piece of flesh until he stopped.


IphonFML 6

u have massive ******* ****!!!! :P

I'm 17 n been working out since 13, aggressive bodybuilding since early 16, benching 225 for 23 reps :) max is nearing 345

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those teetees look like roids to me :)

The veins in that right arm look like roids to me. Congrats either way though.

no man it's whey protein, and the **** come with time pecs take forever I workout 2-3 hours daily 6 days a week. I'm proud to b 100% natural.

Goodies that's just not hott. o.o dudes shouldn't have ****.

ok tired of getting called roids. eat right workout right and u end up with nice pecs n all. it's called dedication so don't b hating. im natural. if I was on roids I'd b as big as a blimp by now.

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your username, Mr. Goodies, plus your absence of underpants... is frightening.

I'm mad because of steroid accusations. My dad died of drug overdose when I was six and I've been anti drug my whole life.

Well that's honorable sir. You keep doing your thing then.

thanks bud. and I am wearing boxers camera jus well placed.

thats not a roid body, retards. not even close. you guys are a bunch of weak ******* who dont know anyone who body builds.

I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now.

36 and I bet that's you in your profile pick not a 14 yr old boy behind his laptop? and roids.... maybe... whey protein, no. whey doesn't do that, it forces your veins inward not outward

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Mr. Goodies, I'd gladly take a body shot off of you. your ta-ta's are awesome.

Definitely not his pic. That would be GSP.

38, looking at ur pic I've never worked out, I just workout alot and whey is for my mass (I'm 215 pounds) the veins just come from bulk I matured younger and have the appropriate body type. if u take shots off me I get too off u :D

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haha sounds like damn good time then.

thank you Keev, 'body building' to the extreme is rather gross and not needed. I'd rather have a dude be naturally fit than some one whom goes to the gym for three hours and comes out with bigger **** than most girls. Just get to a healthy point and stay there don't go all hulk me smash and get accused of roids if you're not on them which is hard for me to believe but, I'll give you the benifit of the doubt. /facepalm

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56 no one asked for yours either so shove it up your ass. opinions are opinions :3 ****.

Not comments, replies I mean, but 32 just over this guys ****?!? He's not on steroids by the way or his arms would look like theyre going to burst.

58 rofl rage harder your tears feed me, fool. Don't start a war you can't handle :)

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All of you saying this guy is on steroids are idiots. It is obvious that it isn't, and if you continue arguing you'll look worse. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with working out as a hobby. Just because he doesn't sit on his butt all day on FML doesn't mean there is anything wrong with him.

rawr9able I read ur profile. ur a nerd ur Mac cause u dont can't and never will get a guy like me, im not overdoing training. keev go trololololol somewhere else.

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keeve looks like a pussy. i workout alot too and we jocks get way more girls then emo gay people like keeve

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I know people who body build and they don't look like that...

you obviously don't know dedicated builders, this is me I'm natural. stop hatin. it's body type and supplement like omega 3 protien creatine etc please because Ur friend that hits the gym 1 time a week calls himself a bodybuilder he's not ;)

goodies63, the more you respond the more they'll keep bugging you. They're just randoms on a website. Definitely not worth getting worked up over. Remember, don't feed the trolls.

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Bodies like this are rare SEXY. I'm a model too, we should compare

LOLOLOLOL goodies I never wanted a little boy like you and whats wrong with beig a nerd? We my dear rule the world and run the jobs YOU work for unless you work at a gym or something. Plus doeS anyone not know the difference between mrs and miss anymore >.> gtfo man ****.

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um, I think that dog has rabies

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Actually, that's why you should find a real man instead.

whenever my ex used to try and tickle me i'd dig my nails into an exposed piece of flesh until he stopped.

I do that to my friends when they tickle me… They don't stop even when I really want them to. They think I'm not serious because I'm laughing, but sometimes, tickling is just so awful and that's the only way to get them to stop. D: And that always results in some mini lecture about how I have to control myself or something. Like, WTF. I mean, no u, amirite?

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omg my bf does that kinda shot all the time. I feel your pain. FYL

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I really like your hair! :DI can NEVER get mine to curl. T_T

At least you can now claim he's a woman basher, with proof to boot. Hope he enjoys the awkward looks he'll receive after that.

So I'm guessing that's the only thing you're getting in your eye tonight?