By keenan - 19/09/2010 23:55 - United States

Today, I had to use my driver's license to convince the security guard at a game room that I was a girl. FML
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umm then you need to change something sweetie , your hair? make up?

Why the hell did he care?


umm then you need to change something sweetie , your hair? make up?

that would be a good idea.... maybe you're not trying hard enough? lol, makeoverr

sounds like somebody got beat with the ugly stick!

Woah, chill #3, if she's posting an fml about it then she obviously wants people to know she's a female. So, if she wants people to think she's a female she should do something to make herself look more feminine. If she wants people to think she's a guy she can stay the way she is, it's not my business. Careful how you talk to me. Thanks : )

Poor thing! Maybe he was trying to see if you were underaged instead! ;) You know how perverted guys can be.

Ydi for being hermaphrodite.

Hey #1. I don't think the name Keenan is helping her very much either. Might be one thing to consider.

True, but that part isn't really her fault I guess. idk I'm just a very girly girl so if someone didn't believe I am a female I would be devastated. Just tryin to help op out 

that's me but people keep thinking I'm a girl.

Cut the hair? Get rid of the make up? Haha jk

No make up but I my hair HAS been getting uber long.

I see in your pic, don't cut it just sound some extra time in the gym and get ripped so no one can call you a girl : )

This fml reminded me of Meg from Family Guy.

In honesty, I'm not too bothered :P it's just when people push it all the time. I know someone who keeps asking me if I want to be a girl. Damn shrek (that's 'his' name).

Oh I see. Well, ignore 'him' then!

Nice pic. Was that taken in San Diego?

beat by the ugly stick? ..she was gang-raped by the forest.

maybe you should sex up the package a little ;P

You should have shown him your vagina.

so according to 1 women can't express any individuality and all have to be cutesy and put on make up and wear skirts and love unicorns... If you have to wear make up to be a girl, then girls don't have real faces

Sometimes it doesn't matter what a woman does. Some people just never come out on top. At the end of the day, no amount of make up or nice clothes or good looks or humor or charm will help you. People are assholes. That's it. People are not nice. People are genuinely selfish and willing to hurt anyone that may disrupt their wonderful life. Learn to do everything on your own. Never rely on anyone, because you will be let down. You will get hurt and you will not be happy. The only way to escape from being hurt by people is to avoid them all together. Yes, this is me saying this and no I don't want you to reply to me or tell me my comment is a win/fail. I want you to fuck off and die.

and stomper. if she showed her vagina everyone on this site would say "YDI for being a whore!" Because women also aren't allowed to have any sexual independence

I agree with your opinion...

What the hell are you talking about, now stop making ridiculous claims and get back into the kitchen

you I agree and disagree. if you dress like a guy, act like a guy, and look like a guy then people will think you are a guy. she may be a tomboy and that's just fine. you don't have to wear makeup or skirts or love unicorns to be a girl. usually having a vagina, boobs and a higher voice works. you're right she is fine the way she is if she is happy with herself but when she is bothered by always being mistaken for a guy because of her appearance then she should change it slightly until she is happy enough.


hunter I know that A- you're joking or B- trying to piss me off. So how about YOU make ME a samich?

FFML is...totally right. We've all thought it.

Sorry, princess. Being the selfish douchebag of a human I am, I HAD to reply. because you're partially right. But the last comment of "fuck off" was uncalled for, and whatever deep meaning of your coment was ruined by that last, tantrum-like rant.


1 no she needs to change her name, who names there daughter keenan?

that was funny

Hi. My name is Dom. Would love to chat sometime. You can email me @[email protected]

Wtf do you mean "sweetie"? I feel like your tone is slightly buttery condescending. She can dress how the hell she wants, and everyone doesn't want to wear make-up. It sucks that you had to show your id, it should've been enough with telling him that you are indeed a girl. What does it matter? People. Psh.

It may not be you, it could be him.

hmm that's true, didn't think about it like that : /

No. It's definitely her. It's always her.

Maybe it's me. It could definitely be me.

I fail to reply. No, it's me. It's always me.

I replied to your fail reply. Anyway, it is me. It was always me, is me, and shall forever be me. Stop kidding yourself.

OTBG and maniac pick a number 1-10 : )

Do I tell you the number, or do I keep it a secret?

Oh what the heck, otbg just won, sorry schitz

What the hell. What is this madness? I do not lose to her.

It's certainly not Precious. Her looks will get her out of anything.

Eli, stop hating. Aria, thank you. :]

Well, unfortunately it was up to me this time and you lost, better luck next time : )

78, thank you. He's just a hater. Next he'll say that I'm always wrong.

She's always wrong.

Dang you're good 82, I knew I picked the right winner.

Maybe the guard was a pedo, and was trying to see if she was of legal age.

Maybe the guard was a pedo, and he was trying to see if she was of legal age.

Screw you FML comment bug!

I like your picture :)

Why the hell did he care?

hes a perv and wants to' rape her!!!

he wanted to make sure she was legal that's why!

He was guarding the security.

He was securing the guard.

lol 68 wins.

I had the last say. I won.

lol yea right. but that's just how I see it. no offense....

Well then FML too.

Don't say "no offense." Have a spine.

fine then fuck u!!!! there is that better? lol


if it was a game room, it mightve been a type of club and it couldve Been ladies get in free or something. idk, I'm just taking a guess

get some boobs and take a shower

damn might as well identify you as IT D:

fucked up security guard -__-

That you *were* a girl? Well then I don't blame him for thinking you were a guy if you're supposed to be nowadays.

Ha extensions and boobs?? :P

hey! remember me?

Of course! :D

yay! wait....what's my name? haha only way to know if ur lying. I remember yours.

You're nick :D

yay! u remember. so how u been Jenna. I mean ninja

Ha I've been pretty good :)) How about yourself? I swear this anti flood is pissing me off...

all is well. just started my senior year of high school last Monday. just been kinda busy as well.

I was just about to suggest that but u know how anti- flood works.

Hey shy. Go jump into a blender. And Peace, how cool :) I started junior year like a month ago!

shook go to messages

Attention whore? In what way? Please try to amuse me with your stupid remarks.

oh boy here we go......*grabs a nice cool drink and sits in a chair* let's see how long they argue for.

It's okay :) And you're right shy, my brain is lacking the comprehension of understanding your statements, so you win. Yay for you! Peace, I'm too mature to argue with a pussy ^.^

Anti-flood! This post is not supposed to be here.