By Andrew - 24/11/2011 20:19 - United Kingdom

Today, I tried to buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket. The scrawny, acne-ridden kid at the checkout asked to see my ID. I didn't have any on me, since I'm 37 years old and didn't expect to be asked stupid questions. I complained to his manager, only to be asked to leave. FML
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Keep your id with you


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He shouldn't be a winer. Eh, anyone?

According to my iPod's auto correct, it's "complement"

Two ways of spelling it. In this case, compliment is correct.

MiniNyn 5

That just means you've taught it to spell it wrong.

Theres always gotta be that one smartass grammer nazi .. 14

Actually, it's not even two different spellings. Complement is a different word and has an entirely different meaning.

If only I knew how to spell things like this...

juturnaamo 29

A blue sweater that brings out your eyes would be a complement.

@48 that's what I meant. I didn't realize how poor my wording was until after posting, unfortunately.

45 - compliment and complement have two completely different meanings. First poster should see it as an opportunity to learn the difference.

Colts are awesome.....

Colts should win a game this season before you threadjack.... BITCH!!!!

rallets 22

for fucks sake, let it go. way to shit all over 1's comment

Actually, 191, I'm using this opportunity to learn... And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will, for once say I'm thankful

free2speak 14

back to the OP please. and get the fuck off compliment vs. complement's dick.

Checker - thank you for seeing what Grammar Nazis are all about. I fuck up sometimes too, and I'm thankful when people correct me so I can learn from my mistakes.

ashtonkay 7

Dang what is with everyone correcting everyone else's shit. Calm down err'body the Earth is still rotating... Chill. We all know what he meant.

imthatguythatdid 0

Do yall really have to make this a big deal? Honestly? Why do you care so much about fucking spelling? If you understand what the person is talking about then why waste time on grammar. There's no fucking point

Why do you care so much about people caring so much about spelling ?

DetLions32 6

He was just doin his job

ewe1234 5

Yeah I don't see why people always get mad if they are asked for their happens all the time

DocBastard, I just read your profile...........You seem pretty freakin' scary........and you cuss a lot....and I'm wondering how somebody got a bottle stuck in them... I then realized, this is another person who is embarrassing themselves, because they want to sound tough. Not trying to be mean, I'm just honest.

You are supposed to ID anyone who appears under 40. It is just a precaution to make sure that where ever you are working doesn't get screwed because somebody sells alchohol to someone who looks 30 who turns out to be 19. Ydi for being an asshole to some kid just trying to do his job.

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That's not funny eh Especially since it says ur from the US.

2 did you mean "shitty?" if so, you fail in several different ways.

The "eh" had Nothing to do with her location in the world, at least I'd assume as much.

iparker97 0

Insult my country one more time and I'll blow up your McDonalds. I know how much you love it.

Canada sucks. I'm calling your bluff.

One typo can cause a flame war, apparently.

Charle0555 4

Haha you should read my feed I you think this ones bad

I do say,"eh" after almost every sentence I say. I'm not going to lie.

Keep your id with you

MyPupRox 2

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I assume she got to the super market by driving there. You dont drive without your ID! So your fault OP.

That0therguy 4

It's a law to see ID to purchase that kind of stuff. Why would you complain about the kid who's doing his job?

#163 what if she lives within walking distance of the supermarket and, you know, WALKED there ?

That0therguy 4


Stroke_Her_Ace 15

Then she should walk home and get her license.

Who walks to the supermarket? Honestly, everywhere I've lived there's always a shit ton of traffic around a supermarket and off of a major street.

Exactly. You can avoid all that traffic by walking there.

You're!!! C'mon it's only 3 letters and you look so much smarter that way...

three letters AND an apostrophe which is apparently too much for people

he right, op is a tard. they required to card u every single person so no minors get thru, get over yourself and have a coke.

An idiot and a douche for complaining when that's how it is supposed to be.

22cute 17

So sorry you suck, Op!

No. They are not required to Card everyone. It's just people who look under 35. At least where I work it is

Charle0555 4

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Hahaha I love how most of the people calling him stupid are failing basic English here. :D

^oh mah gawd!, I no rite, dey r so stoopid!

Charle0555 4

There is no proper way to explain how much of an idiot this guy is.

Steven696 6

You realize that English isn't everyone's first language, correct?

Well, in Ontario, the law is if you look under 25, then they ask for ID. If you are 37, then you mostly likely don't look like you are 25. But it is probably different in the States and other provinces.

Steven son, look at her profile. "Moorpark, USA." Obvious native. The difference between your and you're is usually taught in elementary school, if not before. Everyone else, the OP's from the United Kingdom. Use your xenophobic eyes, yeah?

OH MY GOD!!! Someone confused "your" and "you're"? ON THE INTERNET?!?!?! STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Maybe you should find other things to occupy your time rather than jumping on small, common grammatical mistakes. Try playing in traffic or drinking bleach.

#66 It's not because it's a common grammatical mistake that it makes it right to do it. Correcting people is not necessarily a bad thing, it might help them to not do it again :)

Charle0555 4

People stop being a grammar nazi. "Yourr" turns it's "your" on my auto correct instead of you're so stfu

people, stop being grammar Nazis. "youre" turns into "your" instead of "you're" on my autocorrect, so STFU. Maybe consider turning off your autocorrect, since you're clearly incompetent at checking what you've typed...

Charle0555 4

You guys are missing the bigger picture. And to make you all feel bad I'm mentally handicapped. I was dropped as a child. So fuck off. I'll be bad at English if I want too!

Charle0555 4

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as someone who knows several bright young university students dropped on their heads as children (including one with a freaky flat/soft bit of skull as he was dropped from a fair height and it never grew properly after that), and whose brother has dispraxia (which some would argue is a mental handicap, yet he is possibly the biggest grammar nazi in all the land) i can safely say being dropped on your head as a baby, or even being 'mentally handicapped' does not necessarily impair grammar and spelling skills. I think your only handicap is having a pretentious iPhone and being too lazy to check you're messages before you send them...

Says the mentally handicapped

You should all read Joseph Conrad. He has a level of control over the English language like that of a college professor, yet English wasn't his first language, either... More like his 3rd.

ah cock, wrote you're not your... it is 2am and i'm writing an essay, but that's no excuse... just shoot me now before i turn into a complete idiot!

Congratulations. I lost 64 IQ points by reading this thread. I'm now a drooling, blithering idiot like everyone else here. Fuck.

113 - continuing to make the same 'mistake' you've just defended as an error on the part of your handheld device isn't doing anything in your favor.

#112 I like it when people blame everything on their Ipod when they don't even bother proofreading...

Charle0555 4

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152 - Says the one who comes back and back and back to reply.... *My last time to feed the troll...

I believe the general consensus amoungst those who have an IQ greater than 85, is that you're pathetic for not caring... get a proper education or do not write comments on this website. You will be torn to shreds. P.s TheIsland, you are my favourite person for the day :)

NikkiFlysKites 8

I can't thumb up 160 enough.

Holy hell. Wtf is honestly going on?? This whole thin turned into a pissing contest over "your" versus "you're"? Seriously??? She made a comment, it made sense-everyone understood what was being said!- so hush!!! And btw unless you were intentionally dropped from a high place and needed medical attention, you can't use that as an excuse. It really has nothing to do with learning disability...

Rahl_fml 2

It's almost like English is our way of expressing ourselves (if it's your language) and if you can't learn simple grammar then how do you expect others to understand you.

rallets 22

holy shit, this is epic!!

160: "could of", eh?

Charle0555 4

You are ppl I will never meet or talk to why the HELL should I care what you think? You guys are just being mean just to satisfy some sick obsession that you have to put ppl down. I stopped caring ALONG time ago. I just find it funny that you keep going at it. thanks for making my Thanksgiving the best one I've had yet (=^?^=)

#160 *Could've or *could have (Sorry, but it had to be pointed out.)

201- It's sad that a silly argument has made your 2011 Thanksgiving the best. You must have an exciting life. ;)

You say that you stopped caring "ALONG" time ago, but your past comments are just you whining like a bitch.

ikickgingers 15

Lmfao!!! I have drd and I can spell you're. Now someone give me fucking cookies!!

Rahl_fml 2

Why does attempting to help you express yourself mean we are obsessed with putting people down? I think it shows how much we care about you.

JayJayAttackAtta 5

160: love the comment (no sarcasm) 209: I think her entire thanksgiving was something like "omg did dey reply to my you're-your argument on FML yet?!" Whoever created this thread (lost track reading all the comments): quit your gripin. I fell off plenty of stuff as a kid and I turned ok.... Ish... And mental illness? That's no excuse for being a baby on FML. Goodnight, J is out.

Well, this horse has certainly been beaten to death.

amayasoma 19

Why Is everyone jumping on her case? So she put 'your' instead of 'you're'. Everyone knew what she was talking about. Her grammar wasn't that bad that we couldn't understand her. People slip up. We are human. Most of us rely on autocorrect a lot instead of just turning it off and typing it ourselves. Cut the girl some slack.

ashtonkay 7

Oh my 'lanta! This chick.

It's funny because the original commenter, who's comment now has over a 100 thumbs up, is being thumbed down for everything they say. Just saying.

skata 4

I forgot what the actual fml was about while reading this it took me so long.

But this isn't an English paper, or a bill that's trying to be pushed into a law. Nor is it a report for some job. This is fml. The people who bitch about people using your and you're are retarded. There's no reason to. As you read further you can figure out which one they were intending to use but being as its ( oh no I didn't use it's ) not important lay off and do something useful with your life instead of bitching that somebody wasn't grammatically correct on fml.

Charle0555 4

See even on 265 everyone makes mistakes. You have the balls to criticize me when you're just being a hypocrite. I know the differences between your and you're I had a fucking typo back the fuck off. And yes this did make my thanksgiving because I don't celebrate it. I'm native American and ya same do celebrate it but a lot of us don't. I'm one of the ones that don't. So thanks for making it worth while. :3

Charle0555 4

At first I didn't realize that I had spelled you're wrong I thought he was talking about my use of ass tool and stfu I WAS dropped as a child and it's not some piss pore excuse as to making a mistake. Everyone does make mistakes. And I'm too think headed to lose this. So mr. Grammar nazi. Dish up your best because I eat pathetic lil boys like you for breakfast

Charle0555 4

HA you act like I'm joking

Tits are awesome

Sorry, you're Native American? Really? I study Achaeology and we would be interested to learn how THAT bone structure ends up on someone with enough Native American blood to actually class themselves as Native American. So from a purely anthropological point of view, really now??

Charle0555 4

I am 25% I associate myself more with the native American side of myself than I do any of my other heritages. I would love it if America was still tribal instead of our stupid govt. We have now

Oh my god. My eyes are bleeding. Pathetic Internet arguments with people you don't even know. Quit wasting your time crafting witty smartass comments and go be superior somewhere else.

This thread is actually so retarded. My god. Get over it. Everybody.

That should be "could have done", not "could of done". Sorry, couldn't resist.

I didn't know the Native Americans looked like Scandinavians. The more you know!

It makes you wonder if, when these people write on paper, they suck at spelling and grammar this the way, I read the whole thread. Working on Thanksgiving night sucks. My brother was actually dropped on his head and is in special needs classes and has more sense than half of the illiterate commenters on here. I have a complete high school education and am commenting from an iPhone and it didn't fuck up my spelling. I dare somebody to find an error in my spelling. ^.^

JayJayAttackAtta 5

276: (just woke up and read this one comment, so I'm sure more comments are coming!) Being Native American is no excuse for not celebrating thanksgiving. I'm pretty damn sure ya ain't living on a reservation or even pure blood Native American

JayJayAttackAtta 5

297: I'm not gonna anything bout your comment....

Rahl_fml 2

If our government was tribal, then Hitler would rule the world. O.o

nativepimp 1

Are we still arguing about grammar? Its pretty pathetic

Horcruxer 0

Wow nothing better to do than have an epic argument about grammar haha never fails to annoy and disappoint. I hate it when I see a lot of comments with misspelled words when they don't know the language but in these cases I could care less even if she said ur instead ha hilarious people

Gosh i know right!

rallets 22

day 2 of the ongoing idiot debate, must stop reading and go to sleep need to find nourishment, thirst and hunger unbearable will write more when fully stable

haunted_dreams 4

It should be 'piss poor', not 'piss pore'. And actually it kind of is. My mom fell when she was pregnant with me, I've been hit in the head with tennis balls, volleyballs basketballs, footballs, pretty much everything, I've also fallen down a full flight of stairs multiple times, once I whacked my head so hard on the stairs my mom thought I might have had a concussion so she woke up in the middle of the night to ask me what my name is and all those sorts of questions. Even after all those head injuries I'm still fine and can manage to spell perfectly fine and have proper grammar.

bigAC 6

assuming that you drove to the supermarket, shouldn't you have your ID on you anyway?

That's a big assumption. Maybe they walked, biked, took transit?

bryannab1 0

Thats what I was thinking! Unless they walked or something they should have their drivers licence.

No matter how they traveled, they should have their identification Incase of an accident.

joesouthgate 7

Legally you don't have to carry ID when driving in the UK.

Driving or not they brought money and/or a credit card so why not ID at the same time?

irimalovecheer98 5

Too bad at least u look young

Jason199615 0

Come back with your I.D

The kid was just doing his job and you tried to complain. You're retarded.

What imbecile goes out without identification

What doucuebag thinks acne is a detracting quality that makes someone lesser of a person. I mean sure, it's kind of gross, but generally people can't control it. Ugh, makes me mad that this ass who moronically forgot his wallet is making fun of the guy for that.

182 They had to pick on superficial nonsense because they obviously couldn't make any comment on the individuals intelligence. It'd be like a penguin giving an emu a hard time for not being able to fly.