By Anonymous - 12/12/2015 04:12 - United States - Santa Clarita

Today, I tried buying alcohol for the first time. I have a baby face, so I had my ID ready. The store owner admitted that my ID looked real enough, but he wouldn't believe it wasn't just an elaborate fake. He very nearly called the cops on me. FML
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barfinghamster 9

If he called the cops I'd rub it in his face when it is confirmed as a real ID

I'm stricken with the forever baby face as well, OP. When I graduated from college I had people ask me if it was high school I was graduating from. We will appreciate it one day.


I'm stricken with the forever baby face as well, OP. When I graduated from college I had people ask me if it was high school I was graduating from. We will appreciate it one day.

friedpwnadge 25

When my hair grows out I look like a 6'2 12-year-old. A moment of silence for the baby-faced folk.

Well, think about it this way: when you're 40 years old, you'll look so much younger!

askullnamedbilly 33

I'm 22 and I still get asked if I'm old enough to buy beer. I live in Germany. The drinking age for beer is 16. I'm pretty sure I'm still going to hear the same thing when I'm in my thirties.

I'm 22 in a couple of weeks and the other day I got ID'd buying a DVD that was rated '15'... I would have had to have been 14 to not be able to buy it.

#12 and when you're 80, you'll look 60! You'll be able to flirt with the workers and start getting extra bingo time at the senior center!

Hah same, I was on my way to my ceremony and this lady in my apartment building was like oh what HS are you graduating from I replied Blank University >.>

I've been asked several times by strangers if I'm actually old enough to drive my car, I'm short and have a babyface. I seem to be asked for ID when I have my hair up but not so much when I have it down. :(

I am the exact opposite, people think I'm older.

barfinghamster 9

If he called the cops I'd rub it in his face when it is confirmed as a real ID

Yeah, I would have told him to call the cops and he'd look like the fool.

In the US, you can have your id scanned, so it wouldn't take much, even if the cops do show up, just request a scan first.

46 ive only ever sene that at bars. I assume op was at a liquor store.

49, have you ever seen that black strip on the back of a drivers license?

FMLusername969 21

Yes... We all realize there is a bar code on the back of our license in the US. However, bars and nightclubs are the only establishments that have the technology to scan them. Liquor stores, convenience stores etc simply enter your birthdate.

I work at a box liquor store. You can either scan the card or enter the birthday. Most people just put in the birthday because of all the conspiracy theories about it being scanned. I was told that when you scan an I.D. it sends a copy of your transaction to the government and another to your insurance company and "I'm going to be pissed if I can't get a liver transplant because my insurance company knows I bought beer in 2015! Don't scan it!"

Well on the bright side, you'll save money on anti-wrinkle cream and you'll be an 87 year old that looks 30! :) Atleast your ID was real so even if the cops were called, you could prove it! :)

I had a bad first time buying alcohol as well... The bag slipped out of my hand and I dropped the damn bottle!

cheshirecat13242 32

Such experiences will make you feel good when you're pushing 30, OP!

I hear this all the time, and as someone who is under 5ft tall with perpetual baby face, this isn't something that will feel good to happen at 30. When I'm 30 I want to look 25, not 12. I'm 19, and going out to dinner with my mom and having the server ask her if we'll need a kid's menu is humiliating. in a couple of years when I can buy alcohol, if I was told that my ID was fake and that the clerk might call the cops I would be embarrassed, nervous, and angry. If that happens to me when I'm 30, I don't see much of a difference, except the getting used to insisting that they do call the police.

Why are people down voting number 16. They speak the truth

luciorossari 8

I woulda waited for him to call the cops so he looks and feels like a dumbass

mds9986 24

Obviously the clerk was acting childish, like a big baby.

Mathalamus 24

He was trying to confirm the ID... If he thought that others an elaborate fake, he is well within his right to call the police. Fake IDs of excellent quality is possible, you know?

Just let the cop come so you could buy it.

I would go in there again and keep trying, he HAS to serve you if you have the ID

Yes we would , if you have legitimate documentation to prove you are 18+ then he can't say no , otherwise that's like saying it could possible happen that someone might never be able to buy a drink because they look too young, if you have the ID you have proof nothing more you can do

Its against the law in most states to give alcohol to someone visibly intoxicated. So no, he doesnt.

mds9986 24

A private business can refuse service to whoever they want as long as it's not unfair discrimination.

do you have college or work ID? maybe you could show? FYL OP sure you look young but sounds like an annoying hassle. well there's always amazon fresh! haha

yenze 18

I am pretty sure to buy alcohol you need a government issued ID with your birthday on it

obviously!! I meant in addition to the government one to verify his age! Jeez I forgot it's the internet and you have to explain in depth what you mean so people can understand.