By IDPlease - 07/12/2018 03:00

Today my job started requiring all transactions regarding cigarettes or alcohol to have the ID scanned before proceeding. There is no way yo bypass this function. I carded a 60 year old man and his 40 year old son who both yelled at me for 10 minutes. FML
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The are idiots. Almost all stores card now a days, regardless of age

darkenedone 27

Why is there no comma after 'today' or bolding of the word?


I think that is so stupid. I get it, but when you clearly look of age, it's just silly and time wasting.

silvermoon5033 26

Where I live, everyone is carded. This is because some people have had their privileges revoked when it comes to buying alcohol. If they have more than one DUI or anything involving substance charge, they have a red stripe on their licence. This tells the cashier that it is illegal to see alcohol to them.

The are idiots. Almost all stores card now a days, regardless of age

darkenedone 27

Why is there no comma after 'today' or bolding of the word?

ViviMage 38

They are supposed to have it. I know some users that mod will reject a FML post without the right format of "Today,"

EmDizzle2007 28

the whole thing is a little off.

Which is messed up because in most states thats illegal to do.

It's illegal to card people? How? If you're selling products that can only be legally sold to someone of a certain age you have every right to card them no matter how old they look.

Illegal to scan the id. No shit you need to show id, but the information that scanning an id gives is illegal for an establishment to take.

PenguinPal3017 19

I think they mean illegal to scan the ID, not look at it.

kricket5 19

False. In most states, you must have your ID on your person in order to be sold these items.

ViviMage 38

I see signs where I live in Delaware and back in Illinois that it was a law to card everyone, and they posted signs of the law at the register, along with a "born before this date?" tear off calendar. I doubt buying a grey wig would fool many people but someone will try it.

It is illegal to NOT card people for those items...

PenguinPal3017 19

Oh, this guy probably means that it's messed up that they got mad, because in many states this would be the law.

Tell them you saw that documentary about Benjamin Button and were afraid you were dealing with two babies.

If a teenager or 20-year-old looks like a 60-year-old man, they ought to give the poor bastard free alcohol and cigarettes!

If they're of age, why care so much? Just ******* get your ID scanned and be on your way.

ViviMage 38

Because we didn't use to card before. Plus, they look old enough that most people would assume you're over 21 without carding. It's the same people kvetching that gas isn't 75 cents a gallon or the cinema isn't a dime anymore. Or "when I was younger we didn't need these charges or go through all these steps!" Or that you have a collector cup from 7-eleven with a 25¢ refill they no longer honor. Well, times change. Are we really safer with all these changes made?

julfunky 29

Just because you’re used to not being carded doesn’t make it ok or understandable to go off on the cashier who has no control over it.

Lukr 8

they don't have to show their IDs. but if they want booze they better...

Virids 13

You could just explain to them the reason why you are required to have them show ID.

PineappleOfMyEye 6

I work at a store that sells tobacco and alcohol. we dont scan ID but we still need to see them. welcome to every day of my life.