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Today, I went to see a movie. While buying tickets, the girl behind the counter asked to show my ID card to proof I'm at least 16 years old. Not wanting to make a drama, I showed it. She took a look at it and declared it as fake. That ID is real and I'm 24. FML
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Look at it this way - lots of people would kill and pay a good sum of money to look younger.

my friend has this happen to him at a liquor store. Said his ID was fake, though her really was from colorado, and the ID was real. take it as a compliment tho lol


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lol i agree with number 1 it happens to me sometimes...

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@10. Uh..You need to return to school, NOW. You sound like an idiot.

yea bout that. i dont use propper grammar/spelling but that is over the top.

maby its different in BELGIUM?? not the US... big difference between the 2!!!

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They only do that in some states. Plus, she's in Belgium. I don't know what the ID cards look like there.

The old ones are stickers on the back of a transparent plastic card (picture and address on the glued side), quite a bit larger than a credit card format. The new ones are electronic, credit card shaped with a chip.

It may be 17 in America for an R-Rated or NC-17 movie, but it's 16 in Belgium for a KNT rating.

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It happens. I once got carded for a freaking PG13 movie...I was 19 at the time. And I was carded again when I went to see Superbad. It's really annoying.

A lot of countries differ in their age limitations. @ It happens to me, I have a childish face. Though I never get my ID declined and get into any place I desire. Though there is a difference between being 24 and confused with a 16 year-old, and being confused with someone underage when you are 19. Here underage is under 18.

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Seeing as she's from Belgium, I'm guessing that English is at least her second language. Give her a break. I bet it's a hell of a lot better than you'd do if forced to write in French, Dutch, or German.

Everyone knows "jandersoniii" is a troll don't feed him that's how they all live.

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Ik weet het niet, ik ben 14, en ik kan normaal en leesbaar Engels spreken en schrijven. EN: I don't know, I'm 14, Dutch, and I can speak and write English normally and legibly.

**Belgian** English is probably her second language. Give her a break.

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47: Apparently not a particularly clever troll either.

Look at it this way - lots of people would kill and pay a good sum of money to look younger.

I hope you demanded to talk to the manager, and the bitch who said it was fake got fired.

I get that all the time. I'm 20 and look about 13 to 15. Sometimes people are all rude about it. I'm too young to be flattered by someone telling me I look so young.

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I guess some places do and some places don't. I worked at a movie theater when I was younger shortly after Columbine. There was a big push to make sure children weren't being admitted to R rated movies. We rarely asked for ID. The one time we did, we saw a few kids that were a few years behind us in school. We knew they were underage. The last kid in line from that group was a complete dick to one of our friends. He harassed her a lot because she was overweight and "goth". My friend working the door sold a ticket to every kid in his group. Once the dick kid got up to the front, my friend asked for ID. He didn't have any. We didn't sell him the ticket. His friends got to go in. He had to call his parents for a ride home.

Mattfail, what are you, 12? Have you ever had a job? Nobody would ever get fired over stupid shit like that, unless their employer was just looking for an excuse to fire them.

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#93, I'm totally with you. It's really frustrating, especially when people go on and on about how YOUNG you look and how you'll appreciate that later. I'm 21 and I don't appreciate it now.

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******* ***** had no right, if the ID said you were 24 then she had no right to say it was fake, unless she ran it through a police tester. FYL, and i hope the bitch got fired. (Sorry #2, i wanted a place near the top..)

I'm 24 and starting my PhD in a month. This past summer, while visiting the local middle school with my much younger brother, I was asked what grade I was going into. Twice. My mom says I'll appreciate it when I'm 40.

#116, you mean such as turning paying customers away due to stupidity/arbitrary reasons?

#124: its ok. one time my older sister, who was 16 at the time, had to take my 9 year old sister to a meet&greet with the teacher. the teacher asked if my 16 year old sister was her mom........ and now shes 19 but still gets carded everywhere she goes=/

You should have taken the offer! Kids' tickets are so much cheaper.

my friend has this happen to him at a liquor store. Said his ID was fake, though her really was from colorado, and the ID was real. take it as a compliment tho lol

Yeah, people may want to look younger at 30, or 35, or 40, etc...but to look underage is not such a good thing. There's a certain point when you'd rather look older instead of younger. Late teens/early 20' s are the prime period for that.

yea if your 24 and someone mistakes you for under 16 then thats pretty bad.... like if you wanna go to a bar or something. OP FYL

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Yeah... I'm not sure how this is YDI or FYL or anything... sounds more like a compliment.

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you should of talked to a manager

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I think I know that guy. Was his name Mclovin?

i LOVE Mclovin!!! he is like my all time idol!!! gotta love superbad!!!

#28, calm down man. Thats not the point of the story, and if thats all you could pick up then wow, go get some help. And OP, FYL, that really sucks especially at an age like 24, when you want to look a little older. Hopefully everything got resolved and you got your movie for free. :D

some people become seriously agitated when carded esp. when they are much older than the required age...

I get agitated whenever I'm carded. I don't look like some scrawny teenager trying to pull something over on them. I'm 29 years old and shouldn't have to deal with some ass hat on a power trip demanding to see my ID when they can clearly see that I am well over the age.

it's lame to get carded at a movie when you're clearly over the age requirement, but at the grocery store i worked at, for awhile we had to card everyone no matter what age, because we got two stings by the cops. the company didn't want to lose that much money again, so I can understand why we had to do it. it wasn't a power trip at all. some of the customers i had to card were the most whiny bitches ever. one called a kid a dumbass, and another made a new girl almost cry with the fit he threw. I understand why it can irritate people, but for cashiers selling alcohol or cigarettes it's doing your job right so you don't get fired. Don't make a scene and just pull out your ID. it doesn't take that long. But for movies, i think it's pretty stupid and my cinema hardly ever cards. And my bf had someone tell him that his ID was fake and he got pretty pissed.

i used to work in a movie theater and the guy who played mclovin went to see one of the shows there. my supervisor got his autograph

Really? I got a friend who just looks like McLovin and everyone bothers him on it. Another thing I saw was that the very same actor who played McLovin was on Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm ******* Ben Affleck".

aww... thats awesome that you look that young. That happens to me all the time and it is annoying but atleast when I am 30 or 40 I will look much younger =)

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heyy, it;s a compliment, it's good to look young right? who wouldn't to look young and age slower? :p

I don't think the FML is that she was mistaken for being 16. The FML was that her real ID was declared fake.

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I get my age mixed up a lot too. And I agree, take it as a compliment. You'll be happy about that when you're thirty of fourty or so.

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sucks dude its like you'll never grow up

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people usually think i am older than i actually am but i agree with #9. you will be happy later in life