By AnnaMuffin - 26/04/2016 22:08 - Netherlands - Leiden

Today, my mother showed me a picture of a dog in need of a home. Excitedly, I asked if we were getting it, having wanted one for a few months now. She said, 'No. I'm not even sure why I showed you." FML
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Hiya, I'm the OP. So this is a while ago already, but my mother knows how much I want a dog and then naively showed it to me. It's not like she was intentionally trying to be mean, she just wasn't really thinking. The reason I can't get a dog is because I'm 18, and only have 1 year of high school to go. I plan on moving to another country for my university, which would mean I'd have to take the dog through customs and everything, and then have him or her spend most of the time in a stuffy student room. It's far from ideal. Also they don't want to walk the dog, and we have three cats. I understand why we can't get a dog, but it still made me sad. As for my mom, she too loves dogs. She had two before she had me and my brothers, even. We get along well and I can confide in her a lot (mostly because I'm a loner(which is one of the reasons why I want the dog)). She's really not that bad, just forgetful sometimes. Hope this cleared it up!

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Show her something she would want for her birthday, then say the same thing


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Mayyybe she wanted to see how you reacted to it so that she could give it to you later as a surprise ? *optimism*

colton_colton 49

Show her something she would want for her birthday, then say the same thing

It would be even better if it turned out she got it anyway and said it so you'd be surprised... It could happen right? Lol.

On top of this it's usually these kind of parents that demand respect while dishing out this type of disrespect constantly.

That's cruel and unusual punishment. Sounds like something I would do to my brothers

That's sad. The poor dog needs a home and she's rubbing it in your face. One day you'll be able to rescue a dog and not need her permission

Hopefully that pup finds a home, spread the work of you can.

You don't need a female dog in the household with her around!