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  Today, I tried to be seductive to get intimate with my boyfriend. He commented on how sexy I looked, and how badly he wanted me, then asked me to move because I was blocking the TV, and the World Cup match he was watching. FML
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  warsun  |  27

"Babe you are one sexy person and I want you sooo bad. Now can you get the fuck out of the the way of the tv? I'm watching the World Cup"

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Maybe she should have picked another time to be intimate rather than doing it when it was clear he was intently involved in something else.
Guys are not all consumed about sex. Not all of us will drop everything just because you got naked.

Maybe tell him you'all can do it doggy style so he gets to watch the TV and has a place to put his beer.
*hides behind bed from the onslaught of downvotes*

  venfinch  |  10

You are an asshole just because he believes that women can like the same things men like just means he believes in equality and being a feminist is not a bad thing

  Chibi_Kitten  |  24

Yeah!!! It was surprising US even made it passed the first game..I remember on the first day of the World Cup event, the professor in college let us watch the game.

  FatherofTime87  |  18

Why do some women feel the right time to try to test their seduction skills is when a man is already occupied with something that's obviously important to him? And then they take it personal when it doesn't work

  sarah2424  |  2

What are you talking about? I am a woman and in my relationship I'm the one telling him he better leave me alone while a game is on. He could care less about football, where as I love it.


#75, now I'm not saying all women are like this, but I'm willing to bet that for at least some, they want to see if they are desirable enough that they can get their man to focus on them instead of whatever the man finds important. Then their egos get deflated when they can't so they get upset.

  sodapop83  |  14

As a woman, I have to say that the World Cup is far more enjoyable for me than it is for men because I watch it for the beautiful game and the men playing ;D


Ehh, I mean not really. He showed he was interested in her, he was just busy doing something. I mean if the woman was doing something, and the boyfriend wanted it: "oh well, deal with it. She doesn't have to be in the mood for you all the time."

  ThoranSlock  |  13

I like USA but i'm from Belgium so can only disagree, good luck tho and may the odds be ever in your favor
*gets in his bunker for protection against infinite number of american downvotes*