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the sonicare toothbrushes are different. the handle is the same u just replace the head parts. im thinking op means the inside of the handle in between the battery part and the part where you click in the new head. that sucks lmfao.

  drybamboo  |  0

The water seeps in the middle and it gets gross afterwards. This is why I ALWAYS separate the two parts. I only combine them when I'm brushing my teeth. Plus, I wash the bottom of the brush part afterwards.

Also...same brush for 5 months? And all that gunk inside for that long? Gross.

  KingAfter  |  0

not sure, what exactly you're referring to, I have various possibilities in mind, but yes, I think putting that in your mouth is worse than any other part of your body, since you TASTE with your mouth (and yeah, you smell with your nose, that'd be gross too) and even though the OP apparently didn't taste it, it's more gross than putting that thing anywhere else... at least thats my opinion.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Vagina. Putting it in your vagina is worse, most definitely. No your vagina can't taste, but there's a whole other world of bad things that can happen as compared to your mouth.

And if it wasn't clear, it's vagina because "/vibrating/ mushroom"

Sounds like an interesting toy idea though...

  lahp  |  0

unless you have voodoo magic and can taste with your bum :/ tht would be hell.. everything would taste like shit.... dun dun tush :D