By Anonymous - 29/06/2014 22:28 - United States

Today, after leaving my mom's house, I got 4 text messages from her about how I was a terrible person for not saying goodbye to my sister when I left. The "sister" she was referring to is the family dog. FML
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Teddzz 19

Like the dog would've understood... Still though, many people attach human-level emotions to pets, me included


Still, you could've said woofbye to her.

Should've said, "I'd love to, mother, but my 'sister' is a total bitch."

Teddzz 19

Like the dog would've understood... Still though, many people attach human-level emotions to pets, me included

Dogs actually do become accustomed to certain words such as sit, bye, etc. when ever I tell my dogs bye they jump up and try to block the door :)

Animals aren't people and it's weird when they act like they are

Animals arent people? Well, my girlfriend pushes me off my bed when we cuddle, my puppy puts his paws on my chest and pushes me off my bed when he lays up there and sprawls on the whole bed. I taught my dog how to give high fives. When he gets hugged, he hugs back.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Sorry to tell you this #2 but dogs do feel emotions, as do many types of animals. (However, maybe not to the point of being upset that they weren't told goodbye.)

A human is the centre of thier world and they have alot of free time over the years doing nothing, to watch and figure you out. Don't confuse a refusal to be obedient with stupidity. If some kind of effort isn't returned why would they obey. If they don't learn the words they learn to read the tone or body language or environmental cues in your routine. They spend thier life trying to alter thier natural and undesirable 'dog' behaviours in an attempt to fit into, communicate and survive in an outnumbered human environment.

You're 'sister' got owned... Literally

Not even a lick of affection four your sister

She's in the doghouse after the appawling lack of courtesy.

I believe #3 was refering to the amount of legs they're "sister" has?

emily4040 18

I think that was supposed to be a pun #17

Stop over analyzing. Only OP's sister is allowed to be a bitch.

1dvs_bstd 41

I'd call you mom a crazy cat lady, but sadly no cats are involved. Crazy dog lady just doesn't have the same ring to it...

#5 it all starts at one point. I'm sure that many years ago nobody had heard the "crazy cat lady" or any other now common expressions either. So I don't see why not the Crazy Dog Lady cannot be put to a good use in this instance... 'Jus sayin'.

29- that probably would have been a good comment until you wrote "just saying". we know youre "just saying," you just said it.

cartoonboy 26

Well, everybody has their thing I guess....

Throw her a bone, she's probably just lonely.

What a bitch, and I'm not talking about "the sister"