By pauper - / Thursday 9 February 2012 01:20 /
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  ladyLALAA  |  28

Funny you say that, we have a girl who sleeps on our couch/loungeroom floor and she cooks/cleans for board. She messed up spaghetti out of the jar so now she just cleans.

  Nightvenom  |  0

It's time to clean house. Literally and figuratively. Give the man an ultimatum! Either he can stay in your home for the time being or he take what's left in the trashcan and GTFO. Don't forget to wish him well in his decision he chooses

  lizard399  |  0

Just want to point out to you that your comment is irrelevant, seeing as though you don't know what a man is. A "man" would never refer to a lady as a "bitch".
Plus you didn't even check the gender before you commented.

  lizard399  |  0

Sexest? Sexiest? Sex..est..? I can't figure out how to spell it because I've never had to before.. Just thought I'd put that out there before a pack of wolves corrected my spelling.