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Today, my boyfriend and I got in a fight about which is better: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. We aren't speaking. FML
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Hi guys! I'm the OP :) I'm 19, and my boyfriend's 20. I thought LotR was better, personally. To be fair, I've only seen one of the Star Wars movies, and he's only seen half of one of the LotR movies, so we were both a little biased. This was last night though, and by the morning, it was forgotten. We're all good now. Thanks for your comments! :)


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Maybe because you can watch lord of the rings and Star Wars when you're older than especially since it made for people slightly over that age

acerredrum 23

This issue isn't that they like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I love both of those things. Fighting about those things though, to the point where you aren't even on speaking terms? That is childish as ****.

EXACTLY, 76! Sounds to me like OP and her boyfriend both deserve this 100%

Mortoli 30

kind of funny though still no offense to lotr, i have almost all so far, i still prefer star wars lol..

76 has it! Its childish, because its Lord of The Rings! First fantasy series ever, defined the genre. We wouldnt have Star Wars without The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. And before you say how Star Wars was the first of its kind and defined. . just stop that thought right there, it wasn't. It was great, but not the same as being LOTR.

acerredrum 23

@206 Please read my post before you say you agree with me. Something being "First" doesn't make it better. A good example is the song "Hurt" originally done by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash did a cover and it was astounding, most people agree that it was better than the original. As I said earlier, I love both LotR and Star Wars, but whether one or the other is better is completely subjective.

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Technically I feel that since they are both different genres a fair comparison cannot be achieved and they are both awesome in they're own lore.

Lord of the Rings is a much more epic story.

I agree, they are too different. You can't really compare sci-fi and fantasy. It's apples to oranges. Now a fight between Star Wars and Star Trek, or LOTR and GOT, those would be popcorn worthy debates.

Game of Thrones is a cheap Lord of the Rings knock off in my opinion.

I can appreciate Star Wars for being a classic but now a days the plot line just seems too simple.

Nothing beats epic space battles with laser swords. Lord of the rings is cool but will never be as cool as Star Wars.

What happened to the classics PlayStation vs Xbox, Coca vs Pepsi, Harry Potter vs LOTR, Apple vs Samsung? And the ultimate, the polemic Atheists vs Religious? Those were popcorn worthy for sure.

It simple PC, Mexican coca cola, neither and atheist

I agree, both are two different titans and shouldn't be compared to one another. They're both beautiful and awesome in their own respect and one shouldn't choose over which one. I can agree that when you're passionate about one or the other, or even both, and get into talking about them but the silent treatment, that's kinda goofy.

and LOTR is just a cheap knockoff of Beowulf... If we get into the whole 'who copied who' debate, pop culture as we know it would be rendered null and void. The root of creativity is inspiration.

I find LOTR to be more related to the bible than to Beowulf. Sauron is in essence just an angel like being defying a God like being. And Gandalf's resurrection sounds like another well known figure who also comes back to lead a final battle.

It is star wars. And hopefully OP chose Star Wars

Beowulf? Seriously? There is little if any trace of Beowulf in LOTR. Are you high?

id say lotr. mostly because ive seen about 2 or 3 star wars movies

jaredofmo 22

Hate to break it to ya, Star Wars fans, but Star Wars is a sci-fi AND fantasy story. The Force is magic and the Sith and Jedi are wizards.

@53. Playstation Coke Harry Potter Samsung

even more so if you read the silmarillion! that's got satan's fall from grace and everything!

Depends if you're referring to book Lord of the Rings or movie Lord of the Rings. Book Lord of the Rings wipes the floor with Star Wars. But Star Wars is better than movie Lord of the Rings.

Anything with the scene of Gandalf shouting "you shall not pass" at an angry Balrog is by far more epic than anything else.

quazimozart 19

How bout you guys don't down vote the people in the comments for having opinions

Too different to compare I think. Love them both!!

And both are right, Star Wars AND LOTR are the best of their respective genres!

These here are true nerds. And as all true nerds know, you must fight to defend the honor of your fandom

Rei_Ayanami 18

Sometimes you have to agree each thing has better aspects and worse aspects. This is not the time for that, because Star Wars is obviously better. :)

I loved every minute of reading this, even if I don't agree

If that took you more than a few seconds to read I worry for you

I've learned my lesson. always say moment not minute. because it certainly didn't take me minutes. but thank you for your kind corrections on my wording.

TRUTH!!! not sure why this got so many downvotes

A moment is considered to be 90 seconds, so I'd go with "seconds" to appease the people being too literal.

of course star wars is superior! Even if it's only because nobody in LOTR had a cinnamon bun hairstyle!

I'm actually genuinely interested in what would win. I think I slightly side with Star Wars

this is what I was thinking. I purely curious as to which side of the Internet would want to lynch her.

NomeDMF 17

If OP answered that, the YDI's would skyrocket along with many hateful messages. If OP is smart and values life, you will never know.

Redoxx_fml 22

One is about a tower that looks like a wang the other is about a station that looks like a ********. You can def find common ground

Redoxx_fml 22

I did not mean this as an insult to ether series as I love them both except the Hobbit trilogy

The abomination called the Hobbit trilogy is not part of Lord of the Rings. However the short but epic book titled The Hobbit is worthy of praise.

Redoxx_fml 22

I also forgot to discount the Star Wars prequel trilogy as unworthy of the series

Personally, the Hobbit was amazing and a great addition to the LOTR.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I thought it wasn't that bad, but dividing a book like The Hobbit into 3 full length movies was kind of overkill, imo.