By Jesse from - 03/08/2010 10:21 - United States

Today, I tried to act nonchalant in front of my neighbors, and swing my lanyard around with my keys on it. It flew off my finger and into their yard. FML
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hawkmcge3 0

oh no! I couldn't keep a lanyard on ur finger they must hate u now

whatever not a big deal


MarkerofMagic 0

that's not even a cool thing todo... it's stupid..

what was the point of this story? need more information on why is he acting nonchalant.

just go get it lol. not so difficult.

OneWordish 0

What a complete fail..

Melaniee_fml 0

I don't even understand the problem. just go get it. why would this fml even be posted

hockeyplayer82 0

this is a waste of a fml

this fml sucks :-(

OP if your life is that pathetic that you consider this a big deal please do the world a favor and kill yourself.....

what the hell. i submitted a story about my parents drunknly stealing my college fund and this gets posted

why not try, nonchalantly, walking over there and picking it up?

...why are you trying to be cool? why so you have a lanyard in the first place?

I once dropped my keys I killed myself rather than face the shame

sosoinlove09 0

what's a lanyard?

yuhhkno 0

exactly what #16 said!(;

Hehe 58 has all breast and no brain... xD

lizzilla8297 2


twinny_sc 13

How did this make it past the mods? I am definitely not seeing what the problem is.

I'm kinda angry at the people who modded 53

tweetbaby14 18

this is what you should've done: not post this, go get it, shut up, and go home

I don't even understand this. WTF is a lanyard? I've never heard it before and I'm pretty sure the uk doesn't have it/them. don't say anything about the girl that doesn't know coz I don't know either, and I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones

don't worry I googled it. I didn't even think those things had a name. now I look dumb. oh well it's the Internet

a lanyard is something you can put keys on and hang from your neck.. when I worked at journeys in the mall, we were required to wear them with our name tag attached. I never really realized how difficult it was to define a lanyard, but I hope this helps. ^_^ and I'm so tired of everyone thinking your life has to be destroyed to post a decent fml.. I'm sure over half of the ones that are that bad are made up anyway. you know you would feel like a dumbshit if you were walking into your house with your neighbors akwardly watching you, and you accident threw your key chain into their yard.. try walking over and picking them up without looking like an idiot. poor op. next time just exit your car, keep your hands and keys in your pocket, and walk silently to your room. save your effort on being cool for your WOW buddies. :P

Fuckme19 0

wow, that's the biggest problem in the whole wide world. go over and pick it up retard. ah durrr.

so whats the fml- get your keys out of their yard duh

eggjuggler 0

Instead of trying to be "nonchalant" (btw, you really needed to explain WHY you were trying to be nonchalant), why don't you try just being friendly? Do you live in an area where your neighbors will shoot you for saying "hi" or something? Also, if dropping your lanyard in front of your neighbors is the worst thing that happens to you on a given day, I'd like to trade lives with you. I like my life and all, but apparently your life is filled with rainshowers of gumdrops and unicorns that serve fresh-squeezed lemonade. Can I get in on that?

aubreybradt 9

lmaooo haha

FMyLifeCereal 0

It is a big deal. He failed to mention that his neighbors are Crips and he was swinging a red lanyard.

YDI for having a lanyard

KiddNYC1O 20

143 wins lmao

whatever not a big deal

Yeah, this is not an FML. I'd say more, but I got warned before for a comment wondering how well the FML mods are doing their jobs if such sucky FMLs are being posted up. So I'll just stick to the story. OP, tell us about how the yard was full of land mines or man-eating bees, and then you'll get a lot more FYLs. Til then, YDI.

F the mods life for being a moron.

thatisjank 0

Agreed, this isn't an FML. At all.

No, I'm pretty sure his life is totally F*d.

yourlifesfucked 0

ya fail for trying to act nonchalant. thats like... impossible?

no. it's EPICNINJA fail.(:

MarkerofMagic 0

haha yup totally:P

hawkmcge3 0

oh no! I couldn't keep a lanyard on ur finger they must hate u now

CharlieAndChapli 0

What the hell? I don't see why this is an FML.

not an FML! just go get it

its funny because you cant come ip with an fml