By Anonymous - 10/6/2021 00:01


Today, I vented a lot to my niece about serious things via text message but I didn't reply to hers since I was asleep. She assumed I'd killed myself and called everyone I know, and had a full blown panic attack. And she has asthma. FML
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By  ojoRojo  |  27

Aww that’s tough. Obviously it’s not your fault for falling asleep. F both your lives. I hope your niece is okay and you get the support you need!

By  Chazzster  |  21

This is really an FML for the niece. Her aunt “vented” on her by text to such a degree that niece thought she might be suicidal - Especially when aunt did not reply. Then niece tried to do the right thing and contacted other relatives with her concerns.

Do not “vent” on children or your younger relatives!

By  jobekka  |  17

If you vented about so serious things that your niece think you might commit suicide, then you should contact at phycologist. it might seem expensive, but it's your health. and you don't have to keep going, you can go a couple of times, see if it's something that fits you :) good luck (don't dump on your family and friends)