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It's like a fabric thing, kinda looks like a necklace, and there's a hook at the bottom to attach your keys to. I have one that says " my other face has a mustache."

  mango260  |  9

Lols that happened to my friend, she called her Mexican peeps who arrived less than 5 min and opened the car... So it's always good to have a Mexican friend! They know how to break into cars!!! :D

By  JRFaceless  |  8

YDI for buying such a thing. I am so sick of people saying that so damn much, it trivializes the phrase.

  whitesox365  |  0

By anonomous
Epic fail, troll, winning, pwn (conjugation of owned), noobz, fag, LOLZ, swag, bro (and any subsequent forms), chill, dude, gay, homo, "sucks to suck", owned, "that's what she said" (when used inappropriately), your mom, and "literally" (also commonly misused).

Any expressions, words, or phrases not mentioned have already slipped into a repetitive conundrum residing in my brain, becoming so monotonous that i fail (one might say epicly) to even grasp that they annoy me anymore.

  ItsTheKing  |  10

That's a silly idea boners! He might as well buy a new house, after he has moved to Mexico and conquered every taco shop there and- wait, what was I talking about?