By Anonymous - 25/09/2011 04:18 - United States

Today, I bought a lanyard for my new car keys. "Epic Fail" was printed on it. Not two hours after getting it and putting my keys on it, I locked them in my car. I don't have a spare. FML
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takeapieandrun 9

Talk about irony...

Epic win for the lanyard.


takeapieandrun 9

Talk about irony...

Irony? I thought it was very apt.

Did you look in and say "I see what you fucking did there!" ?

DKParth13 5

I bet AAA has an epic win lanyard !!

I believe irony is a dish best served cold

I wouldn't say talk about irony, I'd say talk about stupidity.

nitewlf12 10

I know! Isn't the irony just beautiful? It's like life's very own personalized fuck you.

perdix 29

#26. That would be revenge.

46 I know that I was saying it was another dish served cold, not that irony was the only one.

52- you are a cat...and I am a Panda... how odd

I'm probably going to sound stupid but what's a lanyard is it like a key chain?

It's like a fabric thing, kinda looks like a necklace, and there's a hook at the bottom to attach your keys to. I have one that says " my other face has a mustache."

oh I know those things I just didn't know what they were called thanks

that epic fail, is an epic win!

What an epic fail!

Fail for you, but win for the keys

decidedlyvague 11

Actually, irony is just a dish best served.

I find ice cream is a dish best served cold as well. Call me a nut, but thats just my opinion.

BT14 5

Epic fail is so played out and is a hipster doofus expression

Lol yaa that, or the key chain wanted you to know that it's alive and was taking it's revenge for MAN HANDLING it !! :P :D

you_and_me_fml 8

Yeah, i'm sure AAA got a kick out of that one

aww lonely panda so cute

He lies, he is not the only panda.

Lols that happened to my friend, she called her Mexican peeps who arrived less than 5 min and opened the car... So it's always good to have a Mexican friend! They know how to break into cars!!! :D

YDI for buying such a thing. I am so sick of people saying that so damn much, it trivializes the phrase.

RebekahBrooke 9

Is your Aunt Flo visiting?

nitewlf12 10

Don't taze me bro!

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"Epic fail" needs to die. All the pre-teens religiously reciting it daily have destroyed it.

Life_sucks_13 6

See epic fail doesn't need to die. The people constantly saying it over and over again do.

mintcar 9

Your comment goes so well with your display picture. Y u no smile?

Indeed it does

DreBeezy 9

Wow someone wasn't very popular in their highschool years, were they?

How do you trivialise "Epic fail", it doesn't exactly have deep rooted meaning.

Well arnt you just a bucket of fun!!! :D

43- Are you twelve?

iloveshh23 2

your comment was an epic fail

Redundancy: By anonomous Epic fail, troll, winning, pwn (conjugation of owned), noobz, fag, LOLZ, swag, bro (and any subsequent forms), chill, dude, gay, homo, "sucks to suck", owned, "that's what she said" (when used inappropriately), your mom, and "literally" (also commonly misused). Any expressions, words, or phrases not mentioned have already slipped into a repetitive conundrum residing in my brain, becoming so monotonous that i fail (one might say epicly) to even grasp that they annoy me anymore.

Wow. Stereotypical bitch.

Epic win for the lanyard.

greenguitar06 0

Next time he needs one that says "winning" maybe his luck will be better with that one

Get an epic win lanyard for your epic fail lanyard.

MsMeiriona 2

Quite the prophetic purchase.

Did the OP also happen to buy something with "ironic consequence"written on it?

bizarre_ftw 21

Yes. A bumper sticker.

In other news, the number of "collision" lanyard sales have skyrocketed along with car accidents in the US.

tandem123 6

Its an omen

Maybe ... Think more.

fthislyfe 22


How did you ever come up with such an original, clever comment?

Some kids struggle for years trying to get into college; but this girl is gonna waltz right in and blow them away with her pure intellect.

CaliGali 9

Time to call AAA locksmith

There is no reason to drink over this xD

hairguitarhero 5

You seem to enjoy a monotonous life that consists only of epic failures.

every1luvsboners 11

Just get a new car.

That's a silly idea boners! He might as well buy a new house, after he has moved to Mexico and conquered every taco shop there and- wait, what was I talking about?



Yes, it is.

stroudie94 9

The real boners had thousands of comments. This one only has 40... unless he somehow started over, it's not the real boners.

He is the real every1luvsboners; we helped him start over with a fresh account.