By a critically injured shitehawk - United Kingdom - York
Today, I brought my girlfriend home to introduce to my parents. My dad thought it would be hilarious to fill some clear bags full of flour, then pretend he was sampling a cocaine shipment when she arrived. She excused herself very quickly and isn't answering my calls. FML
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  Shrike  |  23

And it might've been a funny joke if the FML had the word "coke" in it. But it doesn't, so #3's just forcing an overplayed joke that doesn't even apply. Hurr.

  Stormcloak  |  20

Not to mention, many people actually don't do drugs and prefer to avoid then when possible.
Though I do think it's a bit extreme that now she's ignoring OP because of his dad.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I definitely would panic some, but leave and not return calls? That's a little overboard. Out of the 'brought home partner parents thought it was funny to..' This has to be the one that I say would be fine and the girl overreacted

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

As someone who has never actually seen cocaine in real life, I understand why she would assume it was real. I'd be super surprised and uncomfortable as well and don't blame her for leaving. I don't want be around drugs at all let alone a "shipment" which she thought it was. If it was real and the police busted them she would be in trouble too. So I see why she up and left. But you'd think that op would've gone after her and told her his dad was joking, and they could've laughed about it. I wonder if op went after her or not? More details op. And your dad's hilarious!

By  hafyyyy  |  17

I think you should be proud your dad has a good sense of humor and you should try talking to her in person and tell her it was a joke she should understand if she's a reasonable human.

By  LevyLove  |  17

Your dad sounds awesome!! And your girlfriend sounds kind of like a Debbie downer, someone you can't really joke around with a lot... Which in my opinion really sucks. But I really do hope everything works out and she gives you a chance to explain your family's awesome humor!