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Today, while at the beach, I was mistaken for Snooki. FML
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I've been mistaken for chuck Norris before.

I've been mistaken for God before.

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are you an orange color? with a big poof too??

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57, shut up we get it snooki is orange!

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I was mistaken for Osama before... worst day ever

I was once mistaken as your mom. dude your dad was pissed when he took me to his room.

at first glance, i thought the FML said for 'a snooki', and I was like..what's a snooki? xD

In my country, 9 out of 10 girls look like snooki. FML!

So OP is a drunk, fat, orange crab infested crackwhore?

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At least you weren't mistaken for Wooki.

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122- Sounds about right. Though you forgot the thing that died on her head.

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OMG thats horrible!!!! :( im sure ur not thaaaat short :P

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wow! 71 thumbs down? I've just never been first and said the 1st thing that came to mind LOL!

other than the orange skin snooki isn't uglyy so I agree

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Who cares if youre first? Better to actually think of something you agree with and be second.

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182, snooki was born in Chile, so I'm not seeing the logic in your comment...?

182 I live in Ecuador, a country not so far from Chile where snooki comes from, yes it is hell and believe me even women from Chile are prettier than the ones from Ecuador, thankfully I attend a private snooki-free high school where girls are rather pretty so the view there is much better than that of jersey shore's poor bastards (i feel sorry for them) Oh, also as a bonus, if snooki came here she would be one of the tallest persons here seriously, i mean i am 1.71m tall (dont know how much is it in feet) and i'm waaaaaay above average height... Seriously i need to get out of here soon

Actually i was exaggerating about her height, but still if she came here she would just be about 1 inch below average

holy shit none of you people have a sense if humor

#1, you don't see a problem with being called THE most annoying character in TV history? She is so ******* fat, gross, orange, and ******* annoying. I ******* hate that show too... OP, Big FYL on this one. I feel for you...

227, bro thats cool im from ecuador too.... psh the women from the city are so ugly as hell! damn!..... at least i used to live in the beach!...... lots of hot girls 24/7!..... ugh atleas ecuadorian girls arent orange and with a poof that need their own area code!

Good Lord, that show is stupid. I'll never understand why people enjoy that type of reality television. At the very least, programs like Big Brother involve some semblance of purpose. Also, that's worse than being called Snoopy.

268, I agree. Jersey Shores is a waste of time and I see nothing interesting. Big Brother airs today. I like Julie Chen.

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Now it's 125 thumbs down! Your suck a fail!!! Tee Hee

276 I pray you did that on purpose.

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she's saying most girls in our country are trying to pull off the 'Jersey Girl' look.

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131, that is actually way better and much prettier than snooki.

Atleast you weren't mistaken for Shamu The Whale.

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same. also jet li, jackie chan, and marshall law.

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Ah! But being 2ndSucks. :P Btw is that a reference to the song?

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she is saying that everyone in the USA or 9 out of 10 people look like too much plastic surgery ugly bimbos. which I don't agree. 9 out of 10 people aren't "snookis". it has nothing to do with where snooki is from

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151-- I'm in love with the shoes in your profile picture XD

Congrats #1. You may very well be the proud owner of the most thumbed down comment on FML!:)


293- says the girl who looks a damn lot like snooki.

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215 thumbs down!!! lol, epic fail!!!

215 thumbs down!!! lol, epic fail!!!

ive seen a first comment with over 500 thumbs down a couple of months ago... im not going to bother searching though...

182- it says he's from edcuador...

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how do you not see a problem?

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how do you not see a problem?

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ahahahahahaha this comment just made my day

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I could see that. Like a blanket with-OMG-feet!

Judging by your picture I can see your idea of what isn't ugly is way off

It's funny that all these "I've been mistaken for" sayings, and 94 added a slight detail, which makes him get thumbs upvotes.

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Well all the Jersey guys like Snooki so you would probably attract all of them.

Yep. There must've been enough similarities for a mistake like that to be made. Orange-tanned skin, slightly overweight, poufy hair... Except for the (lack of) height, you can change all of that and avoid the situation in the first place.

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^the situation ha! also this a true FML

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lie and say you are indeed snooki! sign ordagraphs and make some money!

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I was mistaken for the situation....

slightly overweight? yeahh.. we can go with that. >.>

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Just a quick correction #36, I'm from Jersey and not one guy I know finds Snooki or girls that look like Snooki attractive! Most of us Jersey girls don't look like that either, she's a terrible stereotype!

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Oh dear GOD I'd just go kill myself if I looked like her

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how's this a bad thing ? .... snooki's hot

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236 not to worry I heard snooki isn't even a real guita she just acts like one so she's an imposter

236 I think he meant the "jersey shore" guys like snooki, not "jersey guys" cause I'm in the same boat, from jersey and not a single guy I know is attracted to her (or will admit it, if they are!)

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260- are you blind? Or simply into women that work hard to look like oranges and spend hours creating a rat on top of their head?

As a "Jersey" guy, I can safely disagree.

Lol, you should have pretended to actually be her. You could have gotten a lot of free stuff!

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40 I swear the last time you commented the hair in your picture was dark. if it was you i like the old hair better

fail. she can get arrested for that. impersonating.

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I doubt your THAT orange, and short. if you're not as rich as snooki, I don't see how you could have afforded that much makeup..

god, all she was saying is she liked the old hair better. don't get your panties in a knot over that, it was a simple observation.

364, I believe they were referring to the fact that OP could be arrested for impersonating Snooki, not because your profile picture isn't a picture of you. By the way, I read your profile and saw the "*not me*," but I didn't understand why it was there, perhaps you could put "not me^" at the top of your profile and more people would understand it.

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and a midget, don't forget that part

I bet snookis ****** is fat and orange too.

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Did you wear an adult diaper on the cover of Rolling Stone?

no she would need to be short fat orange and yell muff cabbage

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#4 I was gonna ask that! :d

I think that's life saying you've hit rock bottom.

aww that sucks. but snooki is a bit cute so that means you're cute :)

5- Dear lord, what is wrong with with you.

if u rele believe that u have some serious issues

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there is nothing cute about being an orange midget-***** with a tumor under your hair... that sucks pickles.

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your an idiot she looks like an oompa loompa

i'm sure if you consider unruly, misshapen, discolored humans who look like bicephalous, height-challenged aliens cute, then...sure! |the kid|

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I am going to simply say if they are from Canada, that is normal

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there. is a beach in Missouri?

Yep, there are several. Google is your creepy friend.

No, but in the mid-west were not completely isolated, we have transportation.

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just because op is FROM Missouri doesnt mean she's IN Missouri

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Beaches do not have be on oceans. There are also lake beaches, river beaches, etc. As defined by noun 1. an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore. 2. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves. 3. the area adjacent to a seashore: We're vacationing at the beach. Missouri has A LOT of lakes and rivers :|

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Yeah, well I've always heard "Let's go to the lake." not "Let's go to the beach on the lake.". That may be what it's properly called, but you don't hear it here.

We call those 'Estuaries' this side of the pond. Or lakesides. Or riverbanks.

I've heard people call lakes the beach, but usually people who don't live by a coast.

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um yes. the beach probably being refered to here is at the lake of the ozarks. I would know I live in this awful place.

Holy crap 35!!! I thought there was a polar bear on your couch!!!!

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that's like the ultimate insult should of punch the guy who told you that

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how do you know it was a girl? and on the good side you have to admit Snooki has kinda big boobs

snooki is a nasty ass fake chick, fyl

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