Thanks dad

By Anonymous - 19/09/2013 17:32 - Canada - Brantford

Today, I took my girlfriend home to meet my parents. My dad was having a bad day and was rude from the outset, but things went to total hell when he started screaming that he'd "kill" our microwave if it didn't "shut the hell up". My girlfriend now thinks we're a family of abusive psychos. FML
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You might want to try a redo when your dad calms down

That poor microwave :/


You might want to try a redo when your dad calms down

#1, I was about to say literally the same exact thing :)

Or just perform a mercy killing upon your father. that will solve everything. And you might get a little insurance money out of it.

That poor microwave :/

Every abusive household starts that way. First it's the microwave. Then one day the stove is gone. Next the toaster is found smashed to bits in the front lawn. Oh the machines that have suffered.

1 like equals 1 prayer for abused microwaves!

This isn't Facebook dude..

I'm a girl and it was a joke! :( I was making fun of everyone who does that on Facebook..

am amazed no one saw that lol

@26 What about dislikes?

Great first impression

First impressions are the lasting impressions! Hope she sticks around!

Your dad is dumb. He can't kill the microwave; he has to get the fridge to do it. The fridge's a big guy.

Nobody fucks with the fridge

Fuck first impressions. Most stressful moments in life.

Awe inspiring. Well done. Anytime something stresses you out, fuck it.

Did I say that? No I was just implying that I do not like first impressions. I always mess them up.

Good way to assert your dominance over the machines. I know I have.

Dad: And fuck you, toaster, for getting crumbs all over my counter! Fuck you! Girlfriend: Uh... Dad: Stove, you overcooked my eggs, you bastard! Girlfriend: I'm outta here.

In the dads defense- Toaster and stove sound like jerks.

I don't know I feel worse for the microwave, your girlfriend having to witness that or you

Your dad should know not to be an ass when company is over ESPECIALLY when it's their first time in meeting.