By JenniferMay - United Kingdom
Today, I watched from my office window as a couple maneuvered their car to squash a dead pigeon flat on the road. I then watched as they got out of the car, set up tripods and started taking photos of it. FML
JenniferMay tells us more :
OP here... I can't believe this got published. After I posted it I realised it was kinda more 'fuck the pigeons life' well, not so much, since it was dead. Basically I was on reception that day and I can see through the front door's window into the car park so I do tend to gaze out of it a lot. I noticed the dead pigeon on my way in but I was already running late so I didn't have time to pick it up or bury it. I promised myself I'd get it at the end of the day if it was still there... well as you can imagine, it wasn't :( About 11am I saw this car pull into the car park. At first it went right around it, but a few minutes later I saw it reversing. Then one person got out of the car, went behind it and looked like she was signalling to the driver where to drive. I couldn't look as the car went over, I swore I could hear the cracks from where I was, it was awful. The driver then drove off of it and parked on the curb. I was so shocked i was just staring wide-mouthed as the driver got out with a huge camera bag and tripod. They then actually picked the main body of it up and put it in their car. It was all over in about 10 minutes, honestly the most disturbing thing I think I've ever witnessed. Also, I'm loving all the bird puns. I guess that couple made a right 'tit' of themselves, eh? :P
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  MollySheridan  |  11

33- If you read my comment properly you would have seen that I said I knew the bird was already dead. I also said that I didn't agree with the idea of them taking photos. So please next time don't be so quick to comment if you do not have correct information.

  igive  |  28

Yeah but you also said "... enjoyment of pain of others." the bird was already dead so it felt no pain. Yeah I know you know the bird was dead, but honestly the peopke didn't hurt any one or anything. They are just sick bastards who take pics of roadkill.


Op clearly deserves it for twiddling her thumbs, just staring out the window like a total twat.

Next time, mind your own business and you won't be disturbed for the rest of the day.