By DeeElleGee - Canada
Today, at my work, I was ringing though a kid's purchase. I try to be friendly with the kids and when he handed me his cash I said "Thank you, sir!" in a playful manner. He then turns to his mom and says "Mom, why does everyone think I am a boy?". FML
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  Fireashes250  |  16

This happened to me once when I was talking to a mom who had a kid that had shoulder length hair. I called him a "her" and I was embarrassed when I learned the truth.

  potatomus62  |  19

You would be surprised how much this happens to me as a 13 year old girl with really short hair. I don't agree with #1 cause anyone can feel free to express them self how they choose, it may be very confusing sometimes but damn is it funny to see the look on peoples faces when they get it wrong.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

My sister used to have short hair, and when we'd go somewhere without my mom and I bought something, people would ask me what my "little brother" wanted.
She laughs about it now.

By  saviisneat  |  0

I wish I knew what the kid looked like. I once saw a boy with the longest, curliest blond hair. It was GORGEOUS. But he was a 10 year old boy. (The parents were total weirdos). If the kid has short hair like a boy I can see how you would say that, but if the kid had long hair then I don't know what to tell you.

By  blastvortex  |  3

Haha. That's nothing. Now what really sucks is when someone says, "Excuse me, Miss," and you happen to be a guy. I would know. xD Get real, OP - yours isn't the FML.

  xFaust_fml  |  12

I have a friend who's often mistaken for a girl and who has short hair... stop being so judgemental.

Even though mullets ARE indeed atrocious.

And long hair can look good on some guys.

By  StaticDown  |  0

Yeah, agreeing with posters above, little kids are often mistaken... When I went to the hospital to visit my sister and I went to the section with all the babies... Without the blue and red tags... I never would have guessed for most of them... How's your life fucked though? You just guessed a gender wrong in a kid, not something to feel fucked about... I actually thought a person my age was a guy from the haircut.... Turns out it was a lesbian but she really looked like a boy... I felt awkward but that was it...