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Today, I was at work handling the cash register. It wasn't working correctly, so I apologized to the woman I was waiting on for the delay and explained, "The cash register's being a little retarded today." Then I noticed her clearly "special" adult son standing behind her. FML
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Expand your vocabulary and learn better adjectives. Problem solved.

Haha, you are such a dick. People need to stop using retarded as an insult, it's so rude. YDI.


point and say yah something like that Jkjk

retarded: "incapable of functioning properly" Nothing wrong with saying that. Don't let the politically correct folks take over our language!

nuggetmonster 12

Expand your vocabulary and learn better adjectives. Problem solved.

well technically, she used the word "retarded" as its original definition, although i doubt she meant it that way. it would be like referring to a female dog as a bitch or a log of wood as a ******. society changed the meanings of the words, or applied them only to specific cases, but the original definition is still a valid one.

nuggetmonster 12

Though not a word I would use in that situation, people in general need to stop being so sensitive. It's a ******* word. Unless someone is throwing a brick, stop being so sensitive over words like gay, retarded... etc. I'm getting sick of all this political correct bullshit. That's my rant. Feel free to thumb it down. I don't care.

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Nugget monster, that's a retarded idea.

@52 Re-tard-ed: Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed. I don't know about you, but I would say that the cash register was delayed. Now please, STFU or GTFO.

I agree completely #62. Words change meaning all the time, and are used for a variety of reasons. The context in which it was said should be more important than the actual word that was used. Just like gay, and ******, retarded had a different meaning. "According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first record of the usage of the word "retard" is from circa 1489. At that point in time, that word meant to keep back, hinder, or impede." I am not justifying OP's use of the word, because at a job as a cashier (I used to be a cashier) you should really be more careful about what you say, because you know nothing of the people you are ringing out, but using a word, such as retard, or even gay or ******, it not a horrible thing. It all depends on the context. I am gay, and my room mate (straight guy) and I are very close, play video games (mostly call of duty online), and when people are kicking our ass or being frustrating, he will be "uh what a ******!" But I know he doesnt mean it as he loves gay people, I mean he lives with two of them. Just saying...context is more important than the words.

Haha, you are such a dick. People need to stop using retarded as an insult, it's so rude. YDI.

But is it really wrong to insult a bad-working machine? Not that I think it's appropriate to say that to an unknown customer, but I don't see OP as being a dick.

Retardedretardedretardedretarded, my favourite word :)

She use it correctly. The cash register was retarded, where as the person was mentally retarded. People just seem to learn that mentally needs to be there for it to refer to mental handicaps.

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Just tell her you said it as 'ruh-tarted' then your in the clear. No harm, no foul.

I think you mean *you're And out of curiosity, what does 'ruhtarted' mean?

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But the person IS retarded. Literally. So now they are compared to a cash register, and I'm sure that felt great... Btw, *you're

24 - The cash register IS retarded, literally. The person's mental development is retarded, literally. The person is not retarded, he is mentally retarded.

Hopefully you washed your feet that morning so when you put one in your mouth it did not taste bad.

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Words you shouldn't say in public; this is one of them.