By PeedMaPants - 16/08/2016 00:04 - United Kingdom - Meopham

Today, I started my first day at work. When I used the bathroom, I thought I was peeing into the bowl but it was actually leaking out. My pants kindly cleaned up the mess. FML
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Top comments missed, sitting down?

You should aim to do better on day 2

Comments missed, sitting down?

If OP is male: some toilets don't have a "guy front" seat. They're super annoying. You literally have to hold your penis below the seat level and point it down or away from escaping. If OP is female: that's an interesting skill!

If OP is female, i think she hovered over the toilet.

Or sometimes if you "release" too strong it'll splatter out the front between the seat and bowl. Usually if you've been holding waaay too long and have been running for the toilet.

Sometimes (being a female myself, and having this happen to me *at home thankfully) if you don't sit back far enough on the seat it leaks through the crack between the seat and the actual toilet and spills onto the floor

If it doesn't have the "guy front" seat you can always lift the seat...

16...#5 meant when sitting, and nobody would want to lift the seat first for that!

It happens to the best of us. I'm sure Michael Phelps has done it at least once.

Yeah Michael Phelps has to sit to pee because it gives him a break from carrying the Unites States on his back every Olympics.

You should aim to do better on day 2

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Sadly, this has happened to me too OP, just have to be more careful next time

Sorry, OP. At least now you know, that's why you always carry an extra set of clothes in your car.

You must have been pissed.

Well that's a shitty situa......NO that pun does not apply here. Nor is it ever funny.

That pun pissed me off

lol why does everyone downvote all the good comments?

Don't worry OP it happens to the best of us. Congratulations on your new job!

Sounds similar to a story my drum major told us at band camp. It was at a museum too, he kept running from gift store to gift store trying to find a pair of pants.

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that one time, at band camp...

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Didn't your mom or dad teach you to pee in the potty? Call me an ass but I just don't get how adults do this!

You know you're supposed to pull your pants down before you pee right?