By great - 20/07/2012 10:20 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, at the bank, my 8-year-old son decided to pull out realistic looking toy gun, and scream "FREEZE! Give me all your money!" The dim-witted bank teller pressed the silent alarm, and I was nearly arrested. FML
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I can see a very good life coming from this kid. Maybe not a legal one, but a rich one none the less.

Why did you allow your son to bring a gun- even a fake- into a bank in the first place?


I can see a very good life coming from this kid. Maybe not a legal one, but a rich one none the less.

Haha yeah he already knows how to rob a bank almost. He just needs to be a bit faster to stop the silent alarm being activated. And OP the teller isn't dim-witted becase when a realsticw looking gun is in a bank normally it means we need the cops.

But when an 8 year old is holding it? Kids play with toy guns all the time.. He should have been smart enough to realize the kid was just playing

I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to use a kid to rob a bank. That's actually a really good idea.... :3 no JK. But seriously, you never know with some people.

Funny how OP Is calling the bank teller dim witted when she couldn't even teach her 8 year old that you shouldnt bring toy guns outside the house especially to a bank!

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There was a 9 year old girl a couple years ago that killed her family for not letting her see her 14 year old boyfriend. People be wrong in the head these days.

40 Have you seen the news on how so many young kids are gaining access to "real" guns? The teller acted on instinct. Bravo for him/her. Kids sometimes don't realize how serious things can be. I hope the OP has the proper disciplinary action so nothing like that ever has a chance to happen again.

Billy the kid over here is gonna rake it in when he grows up.

Why would you let your child being a "realistic" looking toy gun into a bank? Seems like OP wasn't thinking about certain consequences.

45 & 73 I see your point.. I was thinking that right after I sent the comment. Your totally right, it is possible now days unfortunately

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114- pffft we don't need another SAW movie

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OP the teller was doing her job. That is what she is trained to do. You shouldn't have let your kid take a toy gun into the bank. How was the teller to know it wasn't a real robbery? People these days would try anything.

Either way I think someone needs to find a new bank... I wouldn't be going back if my kid did that.

When an 8 year old pretends to rob a bank, you better play through with it or you might get whacked. This is serious stuff!

Yes people should just go along with it, afterall banks they are all FDIC protected.

94, your comment was not needed. Have a nice day

122 I will consider that. I hope you have a nice day as well.

#94, the FDIC may protect some of your money in the US, but it won't keep you from getting shot.

138 Which is why people shouldn't fight back and try to be heroes.

No one seems to have picked up that the OP is from Waikato in little old New Zealand. Is only a small town & the cops do not carry guns in NZ. The teller was an idiot to press the panic button. Plain & simple.

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The FDIC does not protect people from theft. It insures the money in banks in case the bank fails.

We were all thinking it, you just said it. Upvote!!!!

You idiot, this is New Zealand. Not the US.

Funny thing is if Pendatic or DocBastard had written the statement about the FDIC insurance, there'd be tons of thumbs up. Some of you have no sense of humor. It's actually a clever joke.

Why did you allow your son to bring a gun- even a fake- into a bank in the first place?

3- well she obviously didn't know he had it.

11 - Nowhere in this FML does it imply that the OP didn't know that their son had the gun. It is, however, obvious that they didn't know that their son had planned a bank heist.

30- nowhere in this FML is it implying that she did know anyways. Either way, if she did/didn't, it would most likely change the effect of him bringing it/not bringing it. I was just giving my theoretical opinion on the matter. Plus that's why I said "obviously". Good day sir! ;)

Eight year old boys don't carry purses, so the kid wouldn't have had anywhere to put the gun to conceal it. Therefore we must gather that his mother would have seen it in his hands, or she is an idiot.

85- I think she's blaming both people. 86- he could've had a jacket, big pockets, etc.

My main question is how is it in his hands in the first place. Did she buy it for him? Did he find it somewhere? He's 8 years old. How did he get it in the first place?

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103- when I was 6 I played with nerf guns, and my parents got them for me. Lol but I guess I was "responsible" enough to use them. 104- as much as I understand and agree with the first part of your comment, the second was unneeded. You were pretty much saying its okay for a kid to bring a realistic (but fake) gun into say an airport/bank/etc? Things like this FML could happen. With worse after effects..

TheDrifter 23

104, you must be from a sheltered, suburban home. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and if a young kid pulls a gun on you there, you better draw quick because he WILL kill you. Gangs use the kids for violent crimes because they can't be charged, and yuppies are too naive to even fight back.

Keliosan 6

I said most you guns are NOT realistic and that children should be able to take their toys wherever they want without people freaking out. Even if it was realistic your first reaction to seeing an eight year old with a gun shouldn't be "OH NO DEATH!!" it's a damn toy kids have been playing with them forever.

Keliosan 6

116- I'm not sheltered but I'm oh so sorry my crime rate isn't as high as yours. Obviously it's not that commonplace if you're alive and well and posting on FML or you've got a mean quickdraw. I'm also sorry if no one agrees with me, but letting kids play with toys doesn't make you a bad parent, and an eight year old yelling freeze isn't an excuse for being an idiot.

#85, depends on where you are from and where you are. I had a real gun in my face as a kid. You were lucky not to have had such early exposure.

104-You know she said 'realistic', right? Because some of those look uncanny.

In Texas we bring real guns in the bank

I'm from Texas as well and... no we don't. Or maybe you live in a different part of Texas than I do.

It's New Zealand, not the USA. We're not scared of fake guns over here.

well nobody is scared of a fake gun, 173, but it's the fact that it looked like a real gun, and the kid certainly wasn't saying anything that would suggest it was fake. Like earlier comments have said, People sometimes use kids for crimes, so it wasn't an unreasonable assumption.

tweetbaby14 18

173, that isn't true being that this FML exists. And everyone knows that all FML's are 100% honest and real.

I am also from Texas & I work at a bank, so far in my 2 years working there I have not seen anyone bringing a real gun.

How is that question thumbs down into hades?

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178, because it should be concealed. They shouldn't be waving it around. I'm from FL and people bring guns into banks all the time. Also they bring them into wal mart all the fricken time. Here when you get your concealed weapons license its tradition to go to wal mart and carry. The Wally shuffle.

Where the hell do you think he got it? His parents of course! It's a bloody toy, no one's stupid enough to think it's real! How hard is it to tell?

Not a sheltered suburban home. A country where guns are illegal without a license for owning one and being able to use them to hunt. If you see a little handgun around here, it's obviously fake because the only real guns you ever see here are proper hunting ones. It is literally unheard of here to see someone with a gun who intends to shoot an actual person, much less a child.

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220- Obviously fake? even if its unheard of where your from, you should never assume a gun isn't real especially if it looks real and besides even if you don't SEE someone with a non-hunting gun, does not mean they don't own one.

yea 220, because nobodies ever heard of a murderer, or a bank heist.

She probably was just running errands and didn't plan on going to the bank originally. When I was little I used to bring my wooden gun or sword everywhere

Youre obviously a moron and have no children. Some toy guns look absolutley real. If you work in a bank, and you see a gun, youre not going to stand there long enough to judge weither its real or not. You're just going to push the ******* alarm. Not many ppl love their job enough to die for it...

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Your profile says your 60 and you love One Direction.....pedophileish? PS I was reading her profile picture then saw she was 60 an thought what da fuq

I agree with #3. I don't even allow my niece and nephew to have any guns besides water or nerf ones. Nothing realistic. It's teaching them all the wrong things.

Bahahahaha ur number 69 lol #yoursolucky

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What makes you think it was allowed?

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TheDrifter 23

No, just pay a little attention to them and what they're playing with. Concealed carry isn't easy for an 8 year old.

As a former 8yr old, I have to disagree. It's not too difficult to keep things out of sight that you don't want certain people to see.

SexiMamita91 3

How can full blame go to the OP? 1 children are sneaky and 2nd.. who I there right mind would really think an 8 year old is roving a bank. Could be she called the teller "dim witted"

If it was plastic orange and pink then they would of been dimwitted!

as unlikely as it is for a child to rob a bank, even mentioning having a "gun" is something that bank tellers can't take lightly. same thing at an airport: if a kid says they have a "bomb" in their stuffed animal, security had to take it as a real threat. if any high targeted job hears of a weapon, they need to take the threat seriously, regardless of how old the person is. it's common sense.

citymayer 7

This is probably an unpopular opinion but.. I personally think the kid shouldn't have even had a toy gun. Obviously he thinks it's ok to aim it at people and he should have had it drilled in his head that he shouldn't point even a toy gun at someone. What if he finds a real gun? It happens way too often to not be a real threat.

I agree with 161. As a person, maybe he wasn't too worried. But for his job, he is required to act accordingly in a situation like this, regardless of the persons age.

A standing ovation to you Sir or Ma'am!

Well I guess everyone will have a good laugh once they figure it out.

The cop: Ahahaha-you're coming with me.

Cop: you're coming with me- and your little son too!! Judge: You, OP, get 10 years jail time. The kid, gets ice cream.

Hey lonkite101, like my profile bio? ;)

GOD BLESS YOU SKOOMAKI!! I could die now and have no regrets!!!

#5, not today, not in the US. 12 people were shot to death this morning watching a Batman movie. More are still in critical condition.

145- I meant one they found out it wasn't a real robbery.

Well his dreams are gonna get shot down now.. Poor kid!

Dim witted? Just doing her job. Some toy guns look rather real, you may be the dim witted one who allows a kid to bring a toy gun in a bank.

Is OP suppose to do a body search on their 8-year-old son every time they bring him to the bank with them? Get real, it clearly wasn't OPs' fault.

They may not have known that their sun had the toy gun, and even so, last time I checked, banks aren't usually victimized my 8yr olds.

e_r_i_c_a 4

It was OP's fault because she gave her son a toy gun without explaining to him the rules of how/when he can use it, like not at a bank.

Almighty_Chris97 6

Perhaps OP and the teller were both at fault. While OP should have laid out some ground rules for her son using a toy gun, the teller should have realized they weren't being robbed by a child.

most likely the gun had a orange barrel all toy guns do unless its painted over and i don't think a 8 year old knows to paint there gun black

KiddNYC1O 20

Can't blame teller. Probably thought it was a little person.

Aren't toy guns required to have an orange tip for just this purpose?

No, not all toy guns have orange tips or barrels. Some look extremely real. For a promotion gift, my husband was given water pistols that look just like his gun. The teller might not have even seen the kid. She heard a shout of "Freeze" and hit the alarm. She may have thought it was a female bank robber. It's not uncommon to have child shoplifters so, even if she saw him, she erred on the side of caution (although procedures often tell you to hit the alarm once the robbers have gone). I'd say the blame here is 35% parent, 50% kid, and 15% teller. F all YL.

OP is a dim wit for letting their child have one in the first place. Violence shouldn't be promoted. Especially not to children.

I don't think anyone is really "at fault" here, it's just a misunderstanding. However, I do think OP is kind of a jerk for calling the teller "dimwitted" for doing his/her job. Personally I'd rather my teller be safe than sorry when it comes to this kind of thing.

But its an 8 yearold, the recoil would take care of the kid before the cops would if it was a real gun

dreamluna 17

Some robbers now paint their real guns to look like toy guns

Goddamn 8 year old bank robbers.... They're everywhere.

So, children are programmable robots now?

unknown_user5566 26

89- Even though that would be pretty freaking awesome, no, they are not. However parents do have some level of control over their child's behavior. While OP may not have realized that the kid had the toy gun with him, he should've been taught that pointing a toy gun at ANYONE is not acceptable.

You can't assume he wasn't taught that. Some kids just have major problems.

you never know what kind of messed up stuff people will do. look at what just happened at the Batman midnight showing. you just don't know...

iHeartRKO 5

Thoughts and prayers with them.

Its ******* crazy and do sad that now a days you can't even go to the movies and have a good time without being scared about stupid shit like that.

hthelittleone 10

I've always thought they should put metal detectors in for concerts for the protection of the performer, but people bringing weapons and using them in movie theaters, hair salons, etc? It's just insane. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families at the Batman premiere last night.

Mearemoi 14

I heard somewhere on the news that the shooter at the showing came through a back/side exit. Either way, it was a terrible tragedy. I give my best to the victims' families and friends. There's some ****** up shit that happens around; I'm not surprised the bank teller pressed the alarm.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims , family's and loved ones - its so sad that a place thought of as a safe haven , a place to take a break from reality and to just relax is now not safe anymore :(