By cuntingbitchofawhore - 06/02/2016 03:11 - United States - Bloomington

Today, I told my step-mom that my medication is causing me to lose weight. She looked me up and down and suggested I triple my dosage. FML
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Casually slip her some Xanax bc she needs to chill out

Well she's a bitch, nothing else to say


Casually slip her some Xanax bc she needs to chill out

jessenia123 27

She should slip her some exlax the step mother needs them

What about some of those rapid-weight-gain pills? Who needs to lose weight now bitch?

46. - made me laugh more than I should've X'D

Well she's a bitch, nothing else to say

A cunting bitch of a whore, to be precise. According to OP.

That's so rude! Sorry she said that OP

corky1992 33

Well that's rude.

What a great stepmom.. -_- no one should ever tell their kids (theirs or not) that, regardless of how they feel about them

Exactly what I was thinking. As a parent or someone who's supposed to be a role model in someone's life you should always be uplifting. It's people like OP's step-mom why there are many people dealing with insecurities, body image issues, and/or depression. Even if OP is on the heavy side, there are many ways of trying to encourage her to lose weight without being rude and hurtful.

I don't think parents should *always* be uplifting... but this stepmom is a whole nother story

43, a parent's motivation is like 70% of a child's confidence, most people want to know their family is proud of them, think in the OP's mindset how devastating this could be to a persons confidence by someone who you have to call "mom" (or stepmom, some people call their step parents their real parents but in this case I'd call the OP's stepmom a cunt)

Honestly, that is so f'ed up... I'm sorry you have to deal with people like that, OP!

One word 4 letters... CUNT!

Steve97 32

Tell her that there wouldn't be enough left for her if you upped the dosage :)


I wouldn't want to mess with you...

bitchs_and_hoes 20

Tell your dad. She shouldn't be talking to you like that. No one should be.

"I'll triple my dosage when you start taking your pills that stop you from being a cunt."

A little wordy, but not bad.