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  jackel_love  |  14

Exactly what I was thinking. As a parent or someone who's supposed to be a role model in someone's life you should always be uplifting. It's people like OP's step-mom why there are many people dealing with insecurities, body image issues, and/or depression.
Even if OP is on the heavy side, there are many ways of trying to encourage her to lose weight without being rude and hurtful.

  BlueBaronBitch  |  22

43, a parent's motivation is like 70% of a child's confidence, most people want to know their family is proud of them, think in the OP's mindset how devastating this could be to a persons confidence by someone who you have to call "mom" (or stepmom, some people call their step parents their real parents but in this case I'd call the OP's stepmom a cunt)